Classic Sex Dolls

Classic TPE Sex Dolls

Here’s our collection of Classic TPE sex dolls covering a wide range of heights and breast cup sizes. This range has been around for the longest time and counts in it, some all-time favourite dolls.

After being the poor substitute of silicone, TPE now almost replicates silicone feel and durability while remaining easily repairable. Here you will find products that have been developed following a process that passed the test of time. This brand known by most is today safe choice for most people.

Like all sex dolls at MSLD, the dolls are highly customisable with a wide choice of wigs, skin colours, nail finishes, etc…

Due to the Chinese New Year Holiday, Estimated Delivery Times Are:
Orders Placed Jan 15th - 31st: Late February. Orders Placed Feb 1st - 28th: Mid March.
Exceptions aside, orders will be shipped in the order in which they were received.