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Heated Sex Doll & Moaning Sex Doll Collection

Heated Sex Doll And Moaning Sex Doll Collection

This collection of TPE love dolls distinguishes itself with its ability to support heating and moaning functions. These are options you can select or not based on your own liking. These functions add to the realism of love making.

As its name suggests, a heated sex doll when desired can have its temperature increased to mimic a real human body natural warmth. This heating function are generated through coils placed in the torso of the sex doll.

Similarly a moaning sex doll will emit a sound. Depending on the manufacturer, this function is triggered when a movement or pressure is exerted on the doll. A thrust and sometimes a soft squeeze of the breasts may make the doll react.

Those two functions are compatible with each other. Very often, manufacturers offer those two functions together as a single package.

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