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How to choose a sex doll ?

How to choose a sex doll?

Sex doll: navigate the wide range of options out there

How to choose a sex doll? The purchase of a doll can quickly be a headache, especially for a first-time buyer. Here’s a little something to answer the most frequently asked questions about buying a realistic sex doll.

With so many options now available online, how does one indeed choose one’s dream doll? What are the different elements to check?  The traps to avoid? And at what budget? All our answers to help you see a little clearer.


Sex Doll: how to choose one?

Sex Doll: how to choose one?

How to choose a sex doll?

Anyone researching the silicone love dolls market should know that there are currently 2 types of realistic dolls: silicone molded dolls and TPE dolls. The choice of the materials is essential and depends on your budget and your preferences. We dedicate an article dedicated to that topic, do refer to it if needed: Silicone vs TPE.

Besides the material used, you should be ensured that the internal metal skeleton of the doll is of quality, modern, and resistant. This internal skeleton guarantees the realism of the sexy poses of your sex doll. The different joints bring to life a silicone doll for your pleasure.

What budget for a silicone sex doll?

The right budget depends primarily on the material used. For a real doll in high-quality silicone, the budget can easily reach 8,000 to 10,000 dollars while a budget doll in TPE may cost less than 2000 dollars. Note that whichever type of material you choose, you will be given the chance to customize your love doll: choice of skin color, eyes, wig, accessories, and for some more advanced dolls, interactive functions.

Once you have answered his preliminary two questions (material and budget), you can then proceed with the choice of model: its body and face.

Which model of a silicone sex doll is best for you?

At first glance, the choice of the face of your doll may seem to be the obvious priority. We actually advise you otherwise. Indeed, before locking yourself on the choice of a pretty face, you need to be aware that each model has a removable head and is therefore replaceable. And in the case of TPE dolls, for example, alternative heads are available for a few hundred dollars (300 to 500). You will therefore be able to switch heads if you decide. The choice of the body must therefore be your first priority.

The choice of body and measurements of your doll

The good news is that there are a plethora of silicone love dolls with a wide range of sizes in the market. The bad news is that too many options don’t simplify decision-making.

The height of dolls starts from 140 cm to around 170 cm with various sizes of breasts, hips, buttocks options. The choice of the right doll will depend on your ability to open up to your fantasies and to picture yourself with the doll of the dreamed body size. When in doubt, do not hesitate to contact your dealer and read the many reviews available online to validate the best choice for you. The purchase of a silicone doll is an investment over time, every detail counts from the choice of skin color (pale, European, or tanned) to the color of nail polish.

The choice of the face of your doll.

As mentioned above, the choice of the face can be made independently of the body. Your personal preferences here matter, just ensure that if you decide to switch heads that the skin color of the face of your sexy doll matches the skin color of the body you would have chosen. Body and Head skin color are customizable.

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