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What are the highest and coldest temperature the TPE doll can tolerate without damage ?

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TPE material with high and low temperatures

The range of temperature is not easy to know, because there are many kinds of quality of TPE, with different material base and different properties.

Some suppliers of TPE material announce that classic TPE can go from -40°c to 120°c temperature range.

But we don’t know about exact TPE suppliers of sex doll Brands, some tell us they use TPE material from Europe for better quality, but like all factories in the world, it’s not easy to check for the costumer.

However, TPE life and durability will be shorter with many heat exposure.

For example, heating sex dolls, constructors themselves claim that TPE will be affected by the use of this function.

So in all cases, it’s better to avoid too cold and too hot temperature for Dolls, same as humans 🙂

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