Buy your sex doll in Australia?

You are in Australia and you want to buy a sex doll? You have 2 choices, buy it in a local sex shop or buy it online. Unfortunately, most of the sex shops in Australia only sell sex toys, sometimes inflatable sex dolls, but rarely realistic sex dolls. And unless you live in a big city like Sydney or Melbourne, your nearest sex shop can be located very far from your home. This is like that when you live in a country with 3.3 people per square kilometer (sq km)! Australian people are used to it, that is why buying goods (and sex dolls !) online is pretty common in Australia.

 Keep in mind that there are no sex doll manufacturers in Australia, so you have no choice but to buy from overseas.

 At MySiliconeLoveDoll, we have a lot of customers from Australia. You can even buy your sex doll in Australian dollars (you can see a menu to select the currency on the top of our web pages). The price of our sex dolls will also be displayed in Australian dollars.

Sex Doll in Australia

Are sex dolls legal in Australia?

As long as your sex doll is higher than 4 feet 6 inches (140cm), you don’t need to worry. Indeed, all sex dolls higher than 140cm are legal in Australia. A lot of Western countries have this same rule. North America and European countries also have banned small sex dolls lower than this height.

That is why, at MySiliconeLoveDoll, we only sell sex dolls higher than 140cm, so you can be 100% sure that your sex doll won’t be seized by Australian customs. Since we are in the sex doll business (2014), NONE of our Australian customers have seen their real dolls seized by customs authorities.

Shipping & delivery times to Australia

We usually need from 1 to 2 weeks to make a sex doll (all our love dolls are made on-demand) and then one more week for the shipping itself, from our workshop to your door in Australia, thanks to UPS or FEDEX. You will receive your sex doll’s tracking number once your doll is ready for shipping. If you don’t want the doll to be delivered to your home, we can ask the shipping company (UPS or FEDEX) to keep the parcel at the nearest facility so you can pick it up anytime.

Import tax & custom duties

On most products imported into Australia, customs duty is 5% of the value of the goods converted to Australian dollars. The standard VAT rate in Australia is a goods and services tax (GST) of 10%. It applies to most goods, including realistic sex dolls. So the total of the import tax + customs duties will be about 15% of the amount you paid to buy your doll. BUT, for you, it will be 0% as we will pay for those taxes! We will pay for any import tax, VAT, or customs duties that may be applied! The price you see on our website is the final price, there are no hidden costs!

Our best selling sex dolls in Australia

To help you in your choice, we have gathered here our best selling realistic love dolls in Australia. Feel free to contact us if you need any information before you place your order.

From: Original price was: $1,390.Current price is: $1,190.
168cm (5ft6in) C-Cup
From: Original price was: $1,490.Current price is: $1,290.
160cm (5ft2in) E-Cup
From: Original price was: $1,490.Current price is: $1,290.
161cm (5ft3in) E-Cup Fitness Body
From: Original price was: $1,890.Current price is: $1,690.
5ft2in (158cm) L-Cup


From: Original price was: $1,390.Current price is: $1,190.
158cm (5ft2in) E-Cup
From: Original price was: $1,490.Current price is: $1,290.
5ft2in (158cm) D-Cup
From: Original price was: $1,490.Current price is: $1,290.
161cm (5ft3in) E-Cup
From: $990
4ft8in (148cm) C Cup Love Doll


From: Original price was: $1,890.Current price is: $1,690.
5ft2in (157cm) B-Cup
From: $1,790
5ft2in (158cm) D-Cup
From: Original price was: $1,990.Current price is: $1,790.
5ft8in (173cm) H-Cup TPE Sex Doll
From: $1,790
5ft3in (162cm) E-Cup


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