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The Ultimate Love Dolls FAQ

What is a love doll? A love doll is a lifelike mannequin created mainly for sexual purposes. These dolls mimic

Outfits For Sex Dolls : Our Guide

In the realm of personal pleasure and intimate fantasies, the power of visual stimuli plays a pivotal role. For many,

Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) improve the sex doll experience?

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into the sex doll industry marks a significant shift in how these products are

They married their sex doll!

Unusual Love: Exploring Marriages with Sex Dolls Exploring the world of individuals who have married sex dolls reveals a unique

Sex Doll Rental Services : Where and How Much

Renting a sex doll: is it possible, how much does it cost, hygiene concerns, is it legal in the US

The different Races and Ethnicities of Love Dolls

Love dolls can be of different races or ethnicities. Discover our Caucasian, Black, Arab, Asian, or Latina realistic sex dolls!

What Sex Therapist Think About Sex Dolls

What Sex Therapists Really Think About Sex Dolls: A Comprehensive Insight In a world where discussions about sexual wellness and

How Sex Dolls Can Assist Individuals with Disabilities

Enhancing Intimacy for Disabled Individuals: The Role of Sex Dolls in Providing Emotional and Physical Support Sexuality plays a crucial

A sex doll: the perfect third partner for a threesome!

Adding Spice to Your Sex Life: The Role of Sex Dolls in Modern Relationships In an era where openness about

10 Famous Sex Doll Movies

In the realm of cinema, the portrayal of sex dolls transcends mere shock value, weaving narratives that delve into the

The Best Sexual Positions With Your Sex Doll

Exploring the best positions for intimacy with sex dolls reveals a mix of preference and experimentation. What defines the best

What are the countries that ban or allow sex dolls?

Not all countries in the world allow sex dolls. Some ban them, others do not; find out which ones and

Are Sex Dolls Allowed in the US?

Sex Dolls in the United States: Legality, Reasons, and Restrictions on Childlike Dolls In the United States, the legality of

Is It True That Hitler Invented Sex Dolls?

Exploring the Myth of Hitler and Sex Dolls Within the tapestry of historical accounts, certain stories take on a life

The Big Names In The Sex Doll World

Exploring the Icons of the Doll Industry: Unveiling the Trailblazers and Innovators Embark on a captivating journey through the evolution

Is a Sex Doll Safe For Use?

Are you considering engaging with a sex doll but harbor concerns about safety? Wondering about the risks of STIs or

How to hide your sex doll from your roommates?

In a metal case? Under the bed? We show you here the best ways to hide your love doll from

Where Can You Find Sex Doll Parlors?

SEX DOLL PARLORS: A GLOBAL PHENOMENON From the vibrant streets of Barcelona to the bustling cities of France, Germany, and

Guide to cleaning and using a sex doll wig

Guide to cleaning and using a sex doll wig Introduction Hair wigs for sex dolls have become a popular accessory

Before and after sex

Before sex When you are planning to have sex with your doll, there are some preparations to be made. In which

Do’s and Don’ts

We present a small list of tips for what you should and shouldn’t do with your TPE doll. These are

All About Sex Robots

  Sex robots, also known as love dolls or sex dolls, are synthetic human-like figures designed to provide sexual pleasure.

A man left his fiancee for a sex doll

An Australian tradesman bought a $3000 sex doll after going years without experiencing physical contact, much to the initial shock

South Korea Lift Ban On Import Sex Dolls

The government of South Korea has relaxed its prohibition on the import of adult-sized sex dolls. After years of discussion

A Woman Spent 11K to Look Like A Sex Doll

The story revolves around a British woman who claims she spent $11,000 to dress like her boyfriend’s doll or girlfriend

The Sea And The Sex Doll – Indian Movie

KOCHI: Political unrest, impending starvation, and uncertainties are still plaguing Sri Lanka’s film industry. Nevertheless, certain members of the business

A”dead body” in a trash has been mistaken for a sex doll !

Police rush to the scene of a “dead body” in a trash can, only to find a sex doll there

WM Doll : Discover their latest articulated hands design

  From October 22 (2022), WM Doll, one of the most sex doll brand in the market, will have a

Air Doll : The New Netflix Movie About Inflatable Sex Dolls

Released in 2009, but now available on Netflix, Air Doll is a Japanese movie about an inflatable love doll that

Buy A Sex Doll (How & Where)

Always wanted to know how and where to buy a sex doll but were afraid to ask? There are two

How To Store A Sex Doll

How To Store A Sex Doll is the first question you have to think about after receiving your doll. As

How To Clean A Sex Doll

Clean the skin of your sex doll To remove the dust, just use a tower with warm water and gently

Sex Doll Vagina

Sex dolls capable of vaginal sex All our sex dolls have a vagina and are ready for vaginal sex. The

Sex Doll in Germany

Were sex dolls really invented in Germany ? You may have heard that sex dolls were invented in Germany by

Sex Doll in France

Buy your sex doll in France. Where to buy it, are sex dolls legal in France, how much is it,

UK Sex Dolls : Buy Your Sex Doll In the UK

So you live in the UK and you are looking to buy a realistic sex doll ? You may have

The winner of a MMA championship will receive a love doll !

Fight Circus is an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), yes the guys who love to fight in a cage, championship that

A famous love doll company ask doll’s owners to participate on TV shows.

If you have a love doll, this news is for you. RealDoll, a famous love doll manufacturer, is making a

With sex dolls you can be polygamist !

In western countries, monogamy is the norm. We have all been educated with the idea that, when we are dating

Piper Doll, a premium sex doll brand on My Silicone Love Doll !

Discover our sex dolls from the Piper Doll brand. Piper Doll has been founded by Mr. Mizuwali, a Japanese designer

Buy Your Wonder Sex Doll !

Looking for the wonder woman sex doll? We have it! Discover our realistic love doll of the famous marvel movie!

What are the highest and coldest temperature the TPE doll can tolerate without damage ?

The range of temperature is not easy to know, because there are many kinds of quality of TPE, with different material base and different properties.

How to choose a sex doll ?

Sex doll: navigate the wide range of options out there How to choose a sex doll? The purchase of a

Horny Goat Weed and love dolls – the perfect tonic for erectile dysfunction

When we hear of erectile dysfunction, we often assume that it’s an old-man problem, something that won’t happen till you

A wonderful sex doll testimonial from a very happy customer

We’re always happy to hear from our satisfied customers, and there’s usually a collective high-five around the office when we

Love Doll Testimonial – an Unexpected Source of Help in Times of Bereavement

The loss of a relative can be one of the most difficult challenges we face in our lives. And when

My Silicone Love Doll Featured on the Huffington Post

Huffingtonpost is a famous website about international politics and social news. An article was published relating My Silicone Love Doll

Ban of 100cm sex doll ! 3ft height love dolls are now forbidden !

Do never order a 3ft height (100cm) sex doll as it can be seized by customs authorities! As it can

Realistic Male Sex Doll Available

Discover our our new male sex doll featuring a penis of 7.7 inches (17cm). Fully articulated with realistically smooth skin. Free

The History Of Sex Dolls

Discover the incredible story of the creation of sex dolls by men, from the very beginning to the most recent


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