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Do’s and Don’ts

We present a small list of tips for what you should and shouldn’t do with your TPE doll. These are only suggestions, it is up to you if you want to follow them or not. But it will help you keep your doll “alive” longer.


Do’s       thumbs-up

  • Do place something soft underneath your doll if you are going to put her on the floor, use a pillow or a thick blanket.
  • Do give your doll a shower 1-2 times per month. Make sure you dry her thoroughly.
  • Do powder your newly showered doll with baby powder. It will make her less sticky. If you don’t, then wig hair and dust will easily stick to her body.
  • Do be carefull when you lift your doll and carry her around. Make sure her hands and feet don’t bump into things around you.
  • Do use a heating blanket if you want to warm up your doll. Remove the wig while doing this, since synthetic wigs are sensitive to heat.


Don’ts     thumb-down

  • Don’t scrub your doll with force when you shower her. Be gentle with her. Use your hands, not a spunge.
  • Don’t use strong soap on your doll. Perfume free soap will be just fine.
  • Don’t leave your doll wet for long. TPE material is porous and will absorb moisture.
  • Don’t ever leave your doll’s vagina, anus or mouth holes moist, or you could end up with mold in there.
  • Don’t expose your doll to direct sunlight for a longer time period.
  • Don’t heat up your doll by putting her on top of the radiator or close to a fireplace.
  • Don’t rub her wig against your bed too much, or it will get tangled and be hard to brush.
  • Don’t leave clothes on her when you are not using her. Try not to press yourself against her body if either you or she is wearing clothes. You may end up with stains on your doll, from the clothes.
  • Don’t try to make your doll stand up if you don’t have “standing foot” option. Even if you try to lean her against a wall or something, you will risk breaking her feet. The skin under her feet are not meant to support her entire body weight.
  • Don’t leave your doll alone with a dog, cat or any other animal which could potentially harm your doll.

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