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Doll 4 Ever or DollForEver ?

The company started to communicate with the name DollForEver but has changed their brand name for Doll 4 Ever, that is why you may have seen the two spelling. This brand is one of the finest sex doll manufacturer.

Why we LOVE their dolls

This love doll company manufactures high quality realistic sex dolls since 2016. The “PLUS” of this brand is the secret formula of their TPE material that conveys to their dolls an amazing texture and feel with skin that feels unbelievably real! They always improved the quality of their products year after years.

They are very active on innovation, their EVO skeleton is the best skeleton currently available on the market. It allows movements and postures that were once impossible for dolls. And their dolls are indeed the only ones that can stand in a squat position!

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Doll 4 Ever and Piper Doll

This manufacturer was founded in 2010 by 2 teams, one from France and one from Taiwan. They wanted to take the sex doll market to the next level in terms of services and quality. You may be confused between Doll 4 Ever or Piper Doll whose dolls are very similar. This is because those 2 brands come from the same company, and the same workshop. They just  have decided to use the “Piper Doll” brand name for the Japanese market and “Doll 4 Ever” brand name for the Western market. But they actually sell their dolls worldwide, whatever the brand.

We are proud to be an official and an authorized reseller of their sex dolls.

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