Sex Doll Li 155cm E Cup – Doll 4 Ever Brand

155cm (5ft1in) E Cup Boobs TPE Sex Doll

From 1790 $1,640

From 1790 $1,640

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    • 75 $
    Removable vagina make easier the washing of your doll after intercourse
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    This option give the capability to the dool to stay in stand up position, for photographers it's a must add-on !

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Li is a realistic sex doll 155cm (5ft1in) height with big E Cup boobs. She is made by Doll 4 Ever and is ready for vaginal ,anal and oral sex.


Height: 5ft1 (155cm)
Weight: 63.9lbs (29kg)
Waist: 20.4in (52cm)
Hips: 31.4in (80cm)


Breast: E-Cup
Bust: 32.2in (82cm)
Under Bust: 24.4in (62cm)


Soft realistic TPE skin
Metallic Skeleton 100% articulated

Sexual Holes

Vaginal Sex: 7in (18cm)
Anal Sex: 6.2in (16cm)
Oral depth: 5.5in (14cm)

Vagina and Anal photos

piper doll anal photo

vaginal and anal photos

piper doll vagina photo

vaginal and anal photos

Our Li sex doll is shipped discreetly. The package is 100% blank, no one can wonder what is inside. All our prices are shipping included and we pay for any import tax or custom duties that may be applied.

To tickle your fantasy, we have written a small story for each of our life size sex doll. Enjoy.

Sex doll for men is a miracle – Miss Li will take care of you

Sex doll Li is one of the ideal sex doll for men! Her cute and inviting face, as well as the palm-size E-cup breasts, are a spectacle that you’d like to wake up to every day.

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Li works as a sex therapist with most clients of hers coming to seek advice on how to revitalize lost intimacy in the bedroom.

“Growing up, I always looked forward to working in a forum that is people-centered, and that is aimed at helping others live their best lives. And when the time came for college, I chose to pursue Psychology,” she starts.

She admits that her choice of career was inspired by her desire to help other people in need. “What better way to help people than rejuvenating lost intimacy in the bedroom?” She asks with an evident smile on her face.

Li is the real definition of ‘all in one.’ sex doll

She has a cute face, a nice ass, and is the master of matters regarding sex. What better combination can you have in a woman? She admits that working at her place brings a sense of importance as she’s doing what she always wanted to do.

However, it is sad that even with her sexual prowess and good looks, she is yet to get a man to take her through the adventures of practical sex knowledge. “I once had a boyfriend, but we broke up because of my irregular work schedule,” she says in a seemingly frustrated voice.

With my job I often end up having raunchy sex in the back room

I can only imagine the inequity that might be going on in her life. Li admits that she has had male clients come to get advice on how to get back their ladies, only to end up having raunchy sex in the back room. “I have two clients that regularly come to ask for advice. One thing to the other and we find ourselves naked in the back room.”

And while it seems like her job is treating her good as she gets both a paycheck and regular sex there, she still admits that she is ready to share her sexual prowess with a man that she can call her own. “I want a man that will take me to another world, make me helpless every day as he thumps me against the wall. I like it rough,” she concludes.

Are you that lucky man?

Standing at 5ft 1inch (155), Li makes it to our list of the top sex doll for men. This spectacular life-size sex doll can pleasure you with all her holes and is in the mood anytime, anywhere! What else beats this?

Get yourself the gorgeous Li, and see off boring nights.


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Genuine Doll4Ever love Doll

Doll 4 Ever sex doll brand

This is a TPE love doll from Doll4Ever high quality sex doll brand.

The head office is located in Taiwan and factory is located in mainland China, it's a comprehensive professional sex doll manufacturer, prototyping develop / material formula / skeleton design is their core technology, attentively complete each doll is their mission.

In addition to create perfect body, Doll4Ever give the soul to their dolls. Don't hesitate to take her home and feel the love from her!

Key Features

  • Ready for vaginal, anal and oral sex
  • Soft realistic TPE skin
  • Steel frame fully articulated
  • Can hold pose

You can customize your doll easily

  • Head easily switchable
  • Wig easily switchable
  • Eyes easily switchable

  • Extra head, wig and eyes can be bought separately


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