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WMDoll - Why WM Dolls is the most famous sex doll brand

This company is one of the first manufacturers of sex dolls. WMDoll pioneered in the production of quality sex dolls in China and to this day, it remains one of the  leaders in the industry. WM Dolls uses high quality TPE from the US and offers a wide choice of sex dolls: Asian, Caucasian, Black dolls…

WMDoll (also known as WM Doll) is one of the most famous sex doll brand in the world. When you buy a doll from WM you can be sure of its quality, their sex dolls feature a fully articulate metal steel frame and a realistic woman-like skin. They also offer a large of customizable options (movable shoulder, built in or insert vagina, enhanced mouth, standing foot etc …). They also provide the heating feature (torso temperature can be warmed up to 37 Celsius,or 98.6 Fahrenheit, the temperature of a real body). Their sex dolls can even moan during intercourse.

WMDoll logo

Founded around 2010,  WMDoll, which stand for WoMen Doll, is one of the oldest realistic sex doll manufacturer.

WM is originally a manufacturer of plastic mannequins ((mannequins used to display or fit clothing in clothes stores). They progressively moved to the sex doll industry after having seen the potential and the opportunities of this new market.

We can now say that WM Doll became the most famous doll, because of the quality of their sex dolls but also because of the quality of their photos. Indeed, WM Doll has by far the most beautiful and sophisticated pictures. They only use professional photographers for shooting. Because they are now the most famous love doll brand, they have been copied by many other cheap manufacturers. Not all websites and retailers can sell their products, in order to protect their brand and the reputation of their dolls, WM Doll now selects their resellers. When buying a love doll from WM, be careful to not buy a copy and only buy from an authorized reseller.

My Silicone Love Doll is proud to be an official authorized reseller of WMDoll in North America (USA & Canada), in Europe, in Asia and in the pacific zone (Australia & New Zealand).

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