Realistic Sex Doll Isabelle

A Feisty 4ft 7in (140cm) Tall Surrogate Wife For You!

From 2190 $1,890

From 2190 $1,890

  • Please note that the heads shown in below wig pictures are for illustration purposes only.
    The head of your doll might be different.

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A New Realistic Love Doll

Our newest full­bodied realistic love doll features soft supple skin and a metal skeleton. Like our other silicone dolls these features allow her to be realistic. Her face gives her a more western appearance.

Isabelle is beautiful from head to toe and has a voluptuous body. She is made of a metal skeleton and a high quality TPE skin. Isabelles' silicone skin is soft and pliable. Isabelle can be fully articulated. This allows the individual to place her in various sexual positions giving you a more authentic and pleasurable experience. She is, however not able to stand on her own.

A very customizable Realistic Love Doll

She has the ability to give oral, vaginal and anal sex. Thinking of you we have created Isabelle to be very customizable.

Isabelle comes in one of three different skin choices: normal(white) brown(tan) and natural. Pick your favorite eye color. You can also choose a color of nail polish from the list bellow. Isabelle also has 5 different wigs, which can easily be changed to fit your ever changing list of fantasies. She comes with underwear, however you are able to purchase other clothing options at an additional cost.

Sex Styles

  • Oral sex
  • Vaginal sex
  • Anal sex

Just look at all the pictures. She is very sexy and every position you put her will turn you on. Her vagina was designed with you in mind, long and narrow to maximize all your skin senses. Her tits are big and firm. They are just asking you to play with them.

Isabelles' ass is tight and round. You know you want it.

Her face is realistic and western in appearance. Her legs are long which just ask you to wrap them around you. Top to bottom she fulfills your wildest fantasies.

Order online or give us a call. Either way take her home, today!

Dimension & Weight

Isabelle is very beautiful with all the right measurements in all the right places :

  • Material: Silicone TPE
  • Height: 4ft 7in (140cm)
  • Weight: 50.7lbs (23kg)
  • Bust: 28.5in (72cm)
  • Waistline: 20in (51cm)
  • Hips: 29.1in (74cm)
  • Mouth: 4.7in (12cm) deep
  • Vagina: 6.9in (17.5 cm) deep
  • Anus: 6.1in (15.5 cm) deep