Mini Sex Dolls For Your Eyes Only

Mini Sex Dolls For Your Eyes Only

Sorry, THIS CATEGORY IS no longer available…

Mini Sex Dolls ( 3ft 3in / 100cm and lower) are now forbidden in all countries.
Check out our life-Size dolls ( from 125cm and above).

If you want to buy a full-fledged sex doll but do not want to spend as much money as for a normal size silicone sex doll, then these dolls are what you need. Standing 3ft 3in (100cm) or less, these dolls are very easy to store, easier to grab and lighter than bigger dolls.Some guys are also very much into petite, cute girl, and mini love dolls are the perfect match for them. Look at Yumi, our latest Mini Real Doll. Isn’t she amazingly cute and totally lovely?

Cute does not mean that these dolls are not sexual. Just have a look at the huge boobs of Yumi, and you will understand what I mean! Fondling this sex doll’s boobs is a great experience, and you can also have vaginal, anal and oral sex with her. With other small sex dolls, vaginal sex is also possible.

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