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What is a mini sex doll ?

A mini sex doll is a love doll measuring 4ft7in (or 140cm) and below. There’s something about a mini sex doll that drives men (and women) wild making this kind of doll one of our most popular ever. Mini sex Dolls are resolutely sexy!

But not only a mini sex doll super sexy, but it is also lighter and therefore much easier to move which is ideal for doll owners that move around or like to take their dolls from room to room but more on that later. Similarly, they are easier to store and conceal. They are also easier to manipulate during sex, easier to carry if you want to travel with them and of course easier to hide. We have all something to hide right ?

They are petite love dolls but no worries, they are fully operational. All our mini dolls have a vagina, an anus and an openable mouth. They are always ready for vaginal, anal and oral sex. Like taller dolls, they are fully articulated thanks to their metal skeleton. Their skins are made of TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) or made of silicone. Those materials make the skin of our mini sex dolls as smooth as the skin of real women. They are also customizable, you can choose the wig, the color of the eyes, the skin tone, if they come with pubic hairs or no etc… They even can stand on their own if you decide to go for the “standing feet” option.

While big is beautiful (check out our BBW sex dolls to see what we mean) small is just as sexy.

Dimensions of our mini love dolls

  • Height : between 4ft7in (140cm) and 4ft9in (150cm).
  • Weight : around 61lbs (28kg)

A mini sex doll has the same sexual orifices than a tall doll, with the same depth as well.

  • Vagina depth : 7in (18cm)
  • Anal depth : 6.7in (17cm)
  • Mouth depth (for blowjobs) :  5.5in (14cm)

Regarding boobs. we do have mini dolls with all kinds of breast size : flat chested, small breast, medium breast size, big boobs and MEGA boobs !

Are mini sex dolls forbidden ?

Before we take a closer look at why mini love dolls are so popular, we first need to mention something quite important. Here at MySiliconeLoveDoll, we sell mini sex dolls and mini love dolls, but we only sell those that are 4ft7in (140cm) or above. The reason for this is because of the justifiable crackdown on the import and export of very small young love dolls. Regardless of whether or not you think your country allows the import of very small dolls, we’d rather not take the risk as they may not make it through customs in which case you could lose your money. When you buy your mini sex doll at My Silicone Love Doll you are 100% sure that you won’t get any issue or trouble with the police or with custom authorities.

We are aware that 3ft3in (100cm) sex dolls are very popular but we strongly do not recommend you to buy any love dolls below 4ft7in (or 140cm). We have heard a lot of bad stories regarding this issue.

Free and discreet delivery

All our mini sex dolls are shipped discreetly. The package is 100% blank, no one can wonder what is inside. All our prices are shipping included and we pay for any import tax or custom duties that may be applied.

What we do sell though are some incredible mini sex dolls that are super sexy and looking for a new lover. Could that be you?

Showing all 23 results

  • Sale! Japanese fuck doll Harumi From 1190 $990
    140cm (4ft7in) D-Cup
  • Sale! Adult Doll For Vaginal, Anal & Oral Sex From 1090 $990
    4ft7 (140cm) D Cup
  • Sale! Yumi 140cm mini real doll close up on face From 1190 $990
    4ft7in (140cm) F-Cup
  • Yukina the Japanese mini real doll From $1,590
    4ft7in (140cm) N-Cup
  • Sale! Ella 4ft7(140cm) C-Cup Mini Sex Doll From 1290 $1,140
    4ft7in (140cm) C-Cup
  • Sale! Japanese sex doll Chisaki, a geisha on cherry blossom background From 1190 $990
    4ft7in (140cm) D-Cup
  • Sale! Alina close eyes Tiny Sex Doll From 1650 $1,550
    140cm (4ft7in) A-Cup
  • Sale! Wendy the mini realistic sex doll From 1650 $1,550
    4ft7in (140cm) D-Cup
  • Sale! Charlize a blonde Life Size Sex Doll From 1090 $990
    140cm (4ft7in) D-Cup
  • Sale! Kagney mini Sex Doll From 1650 $1,550
    140cm (4ft7in) A-Cup
  • Sale! Naoko the affordable sex doll From 1190 $990
    4ft7in (140cm) F-Cup
  • Rika the cutiest mini sex doll From $990
    4ft7in (140cm) F-Cup
  • Satomi Mini love doll From $990
    4ft7in (140cm) F-Cup
  • Sale! Cassandra a wild USA sex doll From 1650 $1,550
    4ft 7in (140cm) D-Cup
  • Japanese adult doll Yumiko From $1,190
    140cm (4ft7) G-Cup
  • Dani the mini sex Doll From $1,790
    140cm (4ft7in) A-Cup
  • littile sex doll with elf ears From $1,790
    140cm (4ft7in) A-Cup
  • Sale! From 1090 $990
    4ft7in (140cm) C-Cup
  • Nikki a real blonde among Hentai sex dolls From $1,790
    140cm (4ft7in) A-Cup
  • Sale! From 1355 $1,205
    4ft9in (148cm) C-Cup
  • From $1,790
    4ft7in (140cm) D-Cup
  • Sale! Ann the girl nex door mini love doll From 1090 $990
    140cm (4ft7in) D-Cup
  • Kimberly is a petite adult sex doll From $1,790
    4ft7in (140cm) D-Cup

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