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To comply with US and Canada sale ban of sex dolls under 4ft 7in (140 cm) of height, we no longer offer them for sale.
This ban implies that any such items shipped to those countries will be confiscated by customs.
Please feel free to view our vast, law abiding offering of sex dolls that span a variety of styles and prices.


Mini Love Sex Doll Roxy

From 1490 $1,290

From 1490 $1,290

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Key Features

  • 3ft 3in (100cm) tall, 26.5lbs (12kg)
  • Lifelike Sexual oral, vaginal & anal holes
  • Soft realistic TPE skin & Metallic Skeleton 100% articulated
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Super Cute MiniLoveDoll

Roxy is an adorable 3ft 3in (100cm) mini doll. Easy to use, easy to store, you will love her! her soft TPE skin is very realistic and very pleasant to touch. She has 3d formed sexual holes: oral, vaginal and anal


Customize Your Doll

You are able to customize your doll with many options: skin color, eyes color, and more! Click on the button “Choose Options” in the block above and you will see all the options available.


Japanese Used Panties

japanese-used-pantiesFor only $59 more, we offer you panties (underwear) used by real Japanese woman. These uses panties comes with their original smell and a picture of the girl who wore them. Find more about our Japanese used panties on this page.

Please note that she is not able to stand on her own.


Dimensions & Weight

  • Height: 3ft 3in (100cm)
  • Weight: 26.5lbs (12kg)
  • Bust: 24in (63cm) or 22in (56cm)
  • Waist: 15in (38cm)
  • Hip: 23in (60cm)

Sexual Holes

  • Oral: 4in (11cm)
  • Vagina: 6in (16cm)
  • Anal hole: 5.9in (15cm)


  • Soft realistic TPE skin
  • Metallic Skeleton 100% articulated


Photo of vagina

100cm doll vagina and anus (4)

100cm doll vagina and anus (1)