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Welcome to My Silicone Love Doll, one of the leading sex dolls online store. You will find here the best TPE and silicone realistic sex dolls in the market at competitive prices. Find real pleasure with a real sex doll! And if you need help to choose and make up your mind, don’t take our word for it and read the many third party verified reviews our customers have written about our sex dolls and service.



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  • Sale!
    From 1990 $1,790
    4ft15in (157cm) B-Cup
  • Sale!
    From 1490 $1,190
    5ft2in (158cm) D-Cup
  • Sale!
    From 1790 $1,690
    4ft7in (140cm) N-Cup
  • Sale!
    From 1990 $1,790
    5ft5in (166cm) C-Cup

  • Sale!
    From 1990 $1,790
    4ft15in (157cm) B-Cup
  • Sale!
    From 1990 $1,790
    4ft15in (157cm) B-Cup
  • Sale!
    From 1990 $1,790
    4ft15in (157cm) B-Cup
  • Sale!
    From 1990 $1,790
    5ft3in (160cm) D-Cup

  • Sale!
    From 1490 $1,390
    163cm (5ft4in) H-Cup
  • Sale!
    From 1700 $1,390
    146cm (4ft8in)
  • Sale!
    From 1990 $1,790
    4ft15in (157cm) B-Cup
  • Sale!
    From 1890 $1,290
    165cm (5ft5in) G-Cup

Discover our fantastic range of BBW Realistic Sex Dolls

Big is beautiful isn’t it?
Gorgeous BBW sex dolls from the curvaceous, the plus size, the chubby, the fat and in all flavours, western, black and Asian realistic sex dolls.

  • Sale!
    From 1490 $1,290
    160cm (5ft2in) E-Cup
  • Sale!
    From 1490 $1,290
    163cm (5ft4in) H-Cup
  • Sale!
    From 2190 $1,890
    163cm (5ft3in) H-Cup
  • From $1,450
    160cm (5ft2in) H-Cup
  • Sale!
    From 2150 $1,850
    165cm (5ft5in) H-Cup
  • Sale!
    From 1990 $1,790
    167cm (5ft4in) H-Cup
  • From $1,490
    161cm (5ft3in) E-Cup
  • Sale!
    From 1790 $1,590
    159cm (5ft2in) K-Cup

Mini Realistic Sex Dolls

Small doll is beautifull

  • Sale!
    From 1190 $990
    148cm (4ft10) D-Cup
  • Sale!
    From 1090 $990
    140cm (4ft7in) D-Cup
  • From $990
    4ft7in (140cm) F-Cup
  • Sale!
    From 1650 $1,450
    140cm (4ft7in) A-Cup

Silicone Sex Dolls Collection

Silicone Made Adult Sex Dolls

  • From $2,690
    5ft7 (170cm) E-Cup
  • From $2,690
    5ft7in (170cm) E-Cup
  • From $2,290
    5ft3in (160cm) D-Cup
  • From $2,490
    5ft2in (158cm) D-Cup

Discover our selection of realistic sex dolls and find which one(s) deserve a chance with you. Choose among a variety of  different material (Silicone or TPE), styles and body types such as, to list a few:

Browse our models to find the real sex dolls that will:

  • Give the company you seek. Whether you want her for a quick sexual adventure or just to hang out they can do both. Appreciate their charming listening skills too.
  • look and feel beautiful forever for and only you. Get your real doll looking as young as you want for as long as desired. Change her looks and features whenever you’re in the mood. This ranges from her hairstyle or color to her nails and more.
  • take you in with open arms (and legs) after a long day. Not only would she please you any way you’d like but she’ll do so gladly. You are hers to serve and she loves getting down on her knees for you.
  • be pure and untouched until she’s yours. Unlike date-able women these days – your love doll will be a virgin until she meets you. Get to please her unlike any other forever.
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We ship our dolls to most countries worldwide* including the USA, Canada and Australia. Rest easy knowing that our prices include shipping costs. We are upfront with you because we want you to have the best experience with your new love doll. We will have it well hidden as the package will appear neutral. Only you will know the contents of what’s been shipped. Our customers agree that your secret is safe with us.

Reliable shippers and tracking number

We only use the reputable shippers DHL/FEDEX/UPS for international shipping. Upon ordering you will receive a tracking number once the real sex doll is ready. You can monitor her trip from where she’s from to your house. Avoid a home delivery by specifying that you wish to pick her up at the FEDEX/DHL/UPS facilities near you.

Discretion & Privacy

All information provided is kept private and secure. The shipment information is neutral and your identity will remain confidential.

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To make your online purchase from us you may pay with your credit card, even if you do not have a Paypal account. Rest easy as our system is secure and your information is kept hidden.

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You may also pay with a bank wire transfer. This can also be done online. Relax as everything will remain inconspicuous on your bank statement. No one will know what the purchase was for except for us.

Why Choose Us?

A Large Choice Of Realistic Sex Dolls At The Best Price

Large Choice, Best Price
We offer a large choice of real sex dolls, in silicone and TPE. For smaller budgets we also offer more affordable love dolls (inflatable & solid). The realistic sex dolls are classified in three main categories:

    • * TPE dolls which includes: realistic sex dolls which are adult sex dolls purposely designed to better replicates a real  woman in her natural movements and feel with skin texture that faithfully replicated the realism of human skin; classic TPE dolls that are conceived according to well established and proven methods design and manufacturing techniques and finally the heating and moaning love dolls that support interactive functions that mimic the experience of love making with a woman
    • * Adult Silicone Sex Dolls that are silicone made adult dolls which are characterised by the intrinsic qualities of silicone: its durability and specific feel to the touch
    • * Male Sex Dolls

We hope this large and diverse selection can cater to every customer specific desires and sexual fantasies.

Customizable Realistic Sex Dolls
Most of our lifelike dolls can be heavily customized: wig, eyes color, skin color, breast size, and more… Feel free to explore our many options to design your own customized love dolls that suit exactly your needs!

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Free, Like in Free Beer
We offer FREE worldwide shipping for all our products.

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We use the top shipping providers for shipping (Fedex, DHL).

Very Discreet Shipping
No one will “catch” you with a sex doll in your hands. The packaging we use is plain yet resistant. No one else will have any idea what is inside the package, except you. Thanks to our excellent relationship with shippers, you can even ask us to arrange a delivery at a special time, or choose to pick up the package at a nearby post office.

Multiple & Secure Payment Options

Many Payment Options
We accept credit cards, paypal and direct bank transfer.

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We use paypal both to process our credit card and paypal payment. All payment going through Paypal are 100% secure.

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24/7 via Phone/Email
No matter what is your inquiry we will make ourselves available around the clock, from Monday to Sunday. You can reach us anytime on our US phone +1 (872) 469-7500 or via email (contact [at] mysiliconelovedoll [dot] com).

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