JY Doll : Made In China Realistic Sex Dolls

JY Doll Sex Dolls BrandJY DOLL is Chinese sex doll manufacturer and their factory is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province of China. They are actually one of the oldest sex dolls manufacturer. They specialized in manufacturing full solid TPE dolls since 2008. It is important to understand that nowadays “Made In China” does not mean bad quality. And actually you won’t find have bad quality dolls on our website. We don’t sell a love doll unless we have visited the workshop of its manufacturer and unless it meet our quality criteria.

Thanks to the experience they have acquired during those years, they are able to offer a good ratio between price and quality. They offer a lot of customizable options like wig, eyes, skin tone toenails color and manicure. All their dolls are ready for vaginal, anal and oral sex. They can stand on their own and their torso can be heated (if you select the option). They have also the “moaning” option, they can moan during intercourse if you turn on the button. When you buy a made in china sex doll from us, you don’t need to worry about import tax or custom duties, as we pay for it !

We visit their factory every year for check the quality of production and the reliability of the factory.

JY Doll is very prolific sex doll maker. They offer large wide of different body dimension and beautiful faces. They made more than a hundred. We have gather her the “best of”. Enjoy !

You  can find below all sex dolls made by JY Doll.

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April 5ft7(170cm) E-cup Sex Doll

From: $1,590
5ft7in (170cm) E-Cup

Megumi 5ft5in (168cm) E-Cup Japanese BBW Sex Doll

From: $1,690
5ft5in (168cm) E-Cup Sex Doll

Body Builder 5ft4(165cm) E-Cup Sex Doll

From: $1,490
5ft4in (165cm) E-Cup Sex Doll

Katy 4ft10(148cm) D-Cup Sex Doll

From: $1,290
4ft10in (148cm) D-Cup

Minako 4ft10(148cm) D-Cup Japanese Sex Doll

From: $1,290
4ft10in (148cm) A-Cup

Christmas Sex Doll – Santa Claus

From: $1,690

Manga Sex Doll Sakura

From: $1,690
5ft2in (158cm) B-Cup

Katsumi 5ft3(160cm) H-Cup Japanese Sex Doll

From: $1,690
5ft3in (160cm) H-Cup

Arrixy Big Breast Sex Doll

From: $1,790
159cm (5ft2in) K-Cup

Violetta Joy Sex Doll

5ft2in (158cm) G-Cup

Betty 164cm BBW Sex Doll

From: $1,890 $1,690
5ft4in (164cm) J-Cup

Mini Fuck Doll

From: $1,090 $990
4ft7in (140cm) C-Cup

Benita 159cm Chubby Sex Doll

From: $1,790 $1,490
159cm (5ft2in) K-Cup

Jin Plump Sex Doll

From: $1,790
159cm (5ft2in) K-Cup

Evelynn Big Tits Sex Doll

From: $1,690 $1,490
153cm (5ft2in) k-Cup

Atsumi Flat Chested Sex Doll

From: $1,490
148cm (4ft10in) A-Cup

Huge Breast Sex Doll Hiroko

From: $1,590
4ft7in (140cm) H-Cup TPE sex Doll


From: $1,790 $1,590
156cm (5ft2in) K-Cup