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Mr.Mizuwali, founder of Piper Doll

Mr.Mizuwali, founder of Piper Doll

Discover our sex dolls from Piper Doll brand.

Piper Doll has been founded by Mr. Mizuwali, a Japanese designer and photographer.

This sex doll manufacturer focus on the quality of the skin touch feeling and also features one of the most sophisticated steel skeleton available in the market.


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  • Piper Doll Yukari 155cm Sex Doll From $1,790
    155cm (5ft) B-Cup
  • Akira is a 150cm with B-cup breasts from Piper Dolll From $1,790
    150cm (4ft9in) B-Cup
  • Mindy 155cm with B-cups breast realistic sex doll from Piper Doll brand From $1,790
    155cm (5ft) B-Cup
  • Jessica 150cm with K-cup red haired BBW sex doll from Piper Doll From $1,790
    150cm (4ft9in) K-Cup

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