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What is Piper Doll ?

Piper Doll is an high quality sex doll brand. It was founded by a Japanese designer, a few years ago and according to a lot of dolls fans, PiperDoll is now one the finest sex doll brand in the market.

Piper Doll was founded by Mr. Mizuwali, a Japanese designer and photographer in 2014, who is a sex doll lover. He decided to start his own brand as he was not satisfied with the faces of dolls he could find, and thought he could do better.

They make silicone sex dolls as well as TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) sex dolls. What we like with fuck dolls from Piper Doll is that they offer a lot of customizable options. Do not worry, will review all of them in a next paragraph.
Mr.Mizuwali, founder of Piper Doll
Mr.Mizuwali, founder of Piper Doll

What is the difference between Piper Doll and Doll 4 Ever ?

If you find some similarity between the sex dolls from Piper Doll and Doll 4 Ever, it is normal. They are made from the same team. They are kind of “sisters brand”. We don’t really know the reason of why they use 2 different name, but that doesn’t matter as they are made by the same team, from the same material and they both offer the same customizable options. You can find all the sex dolls from Doll 4 Ever here.

How much are sex dolls from Piper Doll ?

Realistic sex dolls from Piper Doll are not the cheapest. The price for a TPE doll is about $1800 (shipping included) and the price for a silicone doll is about $2400. It is a bit more expensive than dolls from the most famous brand WM Doll, but as we will see below they offer more customizable options.

Where can I buy love dolls from PiperDoll ?

If you are looking for buy a sex doll from Piper Doll, then you came to the right place. Indeed, MySiliconeLoveDoll has been an authorized in North America (USA & Canada), in Europe, in Asia and in the pacific zone (Australia & New Zealand). We closely work with them and often visit their workshop.

Manufacturing and shipping time

As soon as you place your order, we will forward it to the Piper Doll workshop. They usually need one week to make a doll. The shipping will take about one week too, from their workshop to your door thanks to UPS International. We will send you via email a tracking number so you will be able to monitor your delivery online. Let us know if you want to avoid home delivery and prefer UPS to hold the parcel at their facility. Thereby, you will have the possibility to pick up the parcel at the date and time of your convenience.

Skin and skeleton

This sex doll manufacturer focus on the quality of the skin touch feeling and also features one of the most sophisticated steel skeleton available in the market. Their skeleton is the most advanced you can find, with what they call the “Evolution” upgrade, they can even hold some positions that all dolls from other manufacturers just can’t do, like the “squat” position for example.

The skeleton from Piper Doll is the only one from all the sex dolls brand that can do that :

Skin of PiperDoll’s dolls is ultra realistic, made of high quality TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) or silicone and is as smooth as the skin of a real woman. Their breasts are also ultra realistic and very soft. It is a real pleasure to play with them, to squeeze, and lick them. Feel free to lick them because there is no toxic substance on the skin.

When you buy a sex doll from Piper Doll you can be sure that you won’t be disappointed, their sex dolls are EXACTLY as they look in their photos.

Having sex with your Piper Doll

Thanks to her articulated skeleton, your sex doll will be able to hold many different sexual positions. Of coures, because she is a SEX doll, she got realistic sexual holes (vagina and anus). Her mouth is openable, so, yes, she can give you oral sex.

What are customization options ?

What we like with Piper Doll is that their sex dolls are highly customizable.

  • Fancy wigs available
  • 3 different eyes color (green, blue, brown)
  • different skin tone available
  • 2 kinds of lips (“normal” and “coating”)
  • 2 type of breasts, solid and hollow. Hollow breasts are easier to squeeze as the inside is empty. Solid breasts are stuffed with silicone. They are “heavier”. From the outside, they are both as realistic as real women’s breasts. You can’t see the difference. Regarding the size of the breasts, they have from flat chested to very big boobs.
  • The aureola size is also customizable. 3cm or 4cm or 5cm
  • The aureola color can be choose from pale, pink, light brown or dark brown.
  • You can even choose the color of the labia ! We do have “pale”, “pink”, “light brown” and “dark brown”.
  • Vagina can be built in (insert) or removable.
  • You can even choose the color of pubic hairs (black, brown, blonde). Of course, she can come without pubic hairs (shaved) if you prefer.
  • 2 kinds of manicure available. Pink or natural
  • You can choose from many different colors for the toenails

if you go for the “standing foot” option, your doll can even stand on her own.

Unlike some other TPE dolls manufacturers, they don’t provide the heating and moaning options.

Your doll will come with some extra accessories. A suspension kit for your head, gants and a warming stick. To unleash your sexual fantasy, we will also give you a free sexy outfit (you can choose one from our selection).

Our sex dolls collection from Piper Doll

You can find below all sex dolls from PiperDoll. And last but not least, the package is 100% blank, no one can wonder what is inside. All our prices are shipping included and we pay for any import tax or customs duties that may be applied.

Choose your options below to customize your doll before your purchase !

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From: $2,490
150cm (4ft9in) K-Cup TPE Love Doll
From: $2,490
5ftin (153cm) A-Cup
From: $2,490
4ft11in (150cm) D Cup
From: $2,490
140cm (4ft 7in)
From: $2,490
160cm (5ft 2in)
150cm (4ft11in)
From: $2,490
5ft 3in (162cm) C Cup
From: $2,490
155cm (5ft) B-Cup
From: $2,490
155cm (5ft) B-Cup
From: $2,490
160cm (5ft24in) N-Cup
From: $1,990
WM 85cm F-cup
From: $1,990
2ft7in (80cm)
From: $2,990
4ft 9in (150cm) F Cup Silicone
From: $2,990
5ft2in (150cm) J-Cup
From: $2,990
5ft 3in (162cm) C Cup Silicone
From: $2,990
4ft9in (150cm) K-Cup
From: $2,490
5ft24in (160cm) J Cup