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Before and after sex


Before sex

When you are planning to have sex with your doll, there are some preparations to be made. In which position are you planning on having sex? Decide this before you do anything else. Heating her up is optional, but highly recommended. The doll has no body heat of its own and is therefor cold. If you want your doll to be warm before you touch her, to make it seem more like a real person, then put her on a heating blanket for an hour or so in advance. Does she have a synthetic wig? If so, remove the wig before you put her on the blanket, since synthetic wigs are sensitive to heat. If you want to have sex with your doll in the missionary position, then you may want to put your doll face down on the
heating blanket, so that her front side is the one which is warm. If you want to spoon her while having sex, then place her face up on the heating blanket, so that her backside is the part of her which is warmed up. Do not use a heating blanket on a silicone doll if it already has a built in heating system. Only use heating blanket on TPE dolls or a silicone doll which has no built in heating system available.

Place your doll in whichever position you’d like. Be careful so that you don’t end up hurting her fingers, hands or feet. When you have sex, there will be movements. You will either move your own body, move the doll’s body or both. Think about how you place her arms and legs. You don’t want to have her hand bounce against your bed or against the wall, over and over. She could break a nail. Her fingers could get bent and over time break.

Get a towel and put it next to you, you will need it when you clean up afterwards. Always use water based lubricant when you have sex with a doll. Make sure you have your lubricant in arms reach the entire time. You may have to apply more after a while.



Vaginal Irrigator

After sex

When you are finished, grab the towel and place it under the doll to make sure you don’t make a mess. Everything which goes into the doll – has to come out. The easiest way to do this, is to place your doll on her back, with her legs spread apart. Use the vaginal irrigator that came with your doll. Fill it with water and flush the vaginal or anal cavity, whichever you just used. Make sure you have your towel underneath your doll while doing this. Water will squirt all over the place, along with semen. After you have flushed, lean your doll forward to get most of the water out of her cavity. If you have an arm free, you can gently push her stomach or back, to force the water out of her body. Put her down on
her back again. It is now time to dry her cavity. This is very important. Especially on TPE dolls. There are various ways to dry the insides of your doll. One easy way to do this, which is not too much trouble, is to use toilette paper. Grab some toilette paper and roll it up pretty tight, to make an elongated device. Insert this into your doll, go as deep as you can. The paper will soak up the water. Take the paper out again and repeat this process until the paper is no longer wet when you take it out. Stick your finger deep inside of her to make sure it is now all dry. If you are uncertain, then make another paper device, stick it in there and leave it there for a while.

After having oral sex with your doll, the easiest way to clean her mouth is to simply remove her head and bring it into the bathroom and flush her mouth under running water. Whether you detach her head before or after sex is up to you. Probably easier to do so before. For example, if you have her on the floor, standing on her knees and she just took a huge load in her mouth, don’t try to unscrew her head too fast. She will start spitting semen all over your floor like a sprinkler. And you don’t want that. Don’t forget to use the toilette paper device to dry out her mouth as well. For sanitary reasons, you may
want to use soap when you clean her mouth area. It makes her so much nicer to kiss afterwards.

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