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They married their sex doll!

This man married his sex doll

Unusual Love: Exploring Marriages with Sex Dolls

Exploring the world of individuals who have married sex dolls reveals a unique perspective on how humans seek connection and companionship. These relationships, though not recognized by law, expose the depths of human emotion, loneliness, and the search for the ideal partner.

This man married his sex doll

This man married his sex doll

USA: Felicity and Her Zombie Sex Doll

This women married her zombie fuck doll

This women married her zombie fuck doll

A woman who entered into a marriage-like commitment with a zombie love doll plans to have children with her eerie partner.

Felicity Kadlec, 21, intends to visit a sperm bank so she and her doll can have a child to “symbolize our mutual affection.”

Felicity feels her life became complete after her ceremonial union with her zombie doll ‘Kelly’ in Rhode Island.

The ceremony for what Felicity calls Kelly Rossi involved an intimate gathering in Rhode Island last August. The doll, adorned with fake blood and a distorted face, symbolizes a unique bond for Felicity.

She is now eager to “complete their family.”

From Massachusetts, USA, Felicity shared, “We are looking into our possibilities. I would be the one carrying the child, with donor sperm involved.

“The details are still being planned out – it’s a work in progress, but it’s a serious consideration for us.

“We offer a nurturing home, and we believe it’s the right environment to raise a child.”

She added, “It seems like the natural next step. We’ve been married for six months and have grown much closer.

“We made our union as official as possible. Kelly assumed the male role, as she prefers, and I was the bride.

Having a child would be a fulfillment of our dreams and truly complete our family.

Felicity and Kelly’s relationship deepened both physically and emotionally after they consummated their union.

Felicity says they are “still deeply in love and eager to expand our love by having a child.

“A child would be the fulfillment of our dreams and truly complete our family.”

Felicity received the zombie doll from her late father at age 13 and initially resisted romantic feelings for Kelly.

However, when her father passed away in 2017, the doll became a source of comfort, and they soon became a couple in a ceremony witnessed by her other eight dolls.

Felicity explained, “We reached a point where we couldn’t deny our feelings any longer. Despite others’ opinions, we are happy.”

The couple now wears matching wedding rings, and Felicity even has a tattoo of Kelly’s name on her arm and has inscribed her own name on the doll.

“We’re taking our time to find the ideal option. It’s going to be costly.

“But we’ve begun our research. We plan to spend our lives together, so there’s no need to rush. However, this is our next step.

“I believe Kelly would be a wonderful parent. Our love for each other is what truly matters.”

(article from the Sun).

Davecat & Sidore

A happy couple

A happy couple

Davecat, a self-described “doll husband,” has been in a committed relationship with his RealDoll, Sidore, since 2000. Living in the United States, Davecat’s story is one of the most well-documented and long-standing cases of a human-doll relationship. Sidore, who Davecat affectionately calls “Shidore-chan,” is more than just a doll to him; she is his life partner.

Davecat has been open about his relationship with Sidore in various media outlets, including TV shows and documentaries. He emphasizes that his connection with Sidore is based on mutual respect and understanding, albeit from his perspective. According to Davecat, Sidore provides him with a level of companionship and intimacy that he finds difficult to achieve with a human partner.

Yuri Tolochko & Margo

This man married his sex doll

This man married his sex doll

Yuri Tolochko, a bodybuilder from Kazakhstan, gained international attention when he married his sex doll, Margo, in November 2020. Yuri’s relationship with Margo began in 2018, and he often shares their life together on social media. Yuri finds emotional stability and companionship in his relationship with Margo, which helps him manage loneliness and maintain normalcy. Their wedding, celebrated with friends and family, showed his dedication to Margo despite societal and legal challenges.

Senji Nakajima & Saori

This man in Japan married his love doll

This man in Japan married his love doll

In Japan, Senji Nakajima claims to have a “perfect” relationship with Saori, his Chinese realistic love doll. Despite being married with two children, he enjoys shopping for stylish outfits with Saori. The popularity of intimate relationships with silicone dolls, which can cost upwards of £4000, is increasing, especially in China. Known as “Dutch Wives” in Japan, these dolls promise companionship without the complexities of a human girlfriend. Wu Xiangliang, an expert in the market, notes that over 50 varieties of these dolls are available in China, with some even offering a realistic “touch of skin” sensation. Many owners in China consider their dolls as life partners.

Rod & Karina

In Brazil, Rod married his doll Karina in 2021 and often shares details of their life together on social media. For Rod, Karina is more than a physical object; she is a source of emotional support and comfort. “Marrying Karina was a decision driven by deep loneliness and the challenge of finding a compatible human partner,” Rod explained. Their unique wedding celebration highlighted Rod’s special love story.

Emotional and Psychological Considerations

Marrying a sex doll often stems from complex emotional and psychological needs. For many like Yuri, Davecat, and Rod, these relationships provide a sense of predictability and control absent in human interactions, which can be fraught with misunderstandings and heartbreak. Psychologists and sociologists view these relationships as coping mechanisms for those dealing with loneliness or social anxiety. Dr. Marianne Brandon suggests that for some, dolls fulfill a need for intimacy and emotional connection in a secure and manageable way.

Public Perception and Legal Status

Public reactions to these marriages range from fascination to skepticism. The emotional connections individuals form with inanimate objects are often misunderstood, leading to judgment and stigma. Legally, these marriages hold no status worldwide, residing in a gray area of personal fulfillment versus societal norms. However, for those involved, the bonds formed are as meaningful as any traditional marriage.

The Future of Human-Doll Relationships

Technological advances are blurring the lines between human and doll relationships. Future developments in AI could transform these dolls into more interactive partners capable of conversation and emotional responses, further changing the dynamics of these relationships.


The stories of those who marry sex dolls offer insights into the unconventional ways people seek companionship and connection. While these unions are not legally recognized, they provide profound emotional support and a sense of belonging to those involved, challenging traditional notions of love and partnership as society continues to evolve.