The question How To Store A Sex Doll is the first question you have to think about after receiving your doll. As you may have notice, realistic sex dolls, are expensive products so it will be very pity to get it damaged by inattention or negligence. We will review it all the points you need to think to store a sex doll and keep it in good conditions.

Store your sex doll at room temperature

The first thing you need to think about is the place where to store your doll. We recommend storing it at room temperature, not in a too hot or too old place. Let’s say from 50ºF to 70ºF (10°C to 20°C). Don’t throw the cardboard away after the delivery ! Keep it to store your doll and protect her from dust. At MySiliconeLoveDoll, we also sell flight metal cases. Feel free to contact us to know more about this option.

Beware of dogs and cats !!

NEVER let your pet alone with the doll ! You can be 100% sure your dog will bite the doll and that your cat will scratch her. A customer also reported us that his dog tried to mate his sex doll, so don’t forget to store your doll at a place that can’t be reached by your pets.

Avoid humidity.

Another very important piece of advice. Whatever your sex doll is made of silicone or TPE, you need to avoid humidity as it may damage the skin. If you live in a very humid country (or in Florida…) we strongly recommend you to buy a dehumidifier and to put it in the room where you store your doll.

The good position to store your sex doll

You can place your doll into a wide variety of positions but when not in use it is best to restore her to the original factory position. If left in another position for a prolonged period, wrinkles may appear, particularly at the joints. Should this occur, put your doll in the suggested storage position to allow the wrinkles to reduce naturally. To avoid wearing out the underarm or on other parts of the skin, please keep arms and legs straight and parallel with the body when not in use.

Head suspension kit

We also give for free a head suspension kit so you can store the head in a clothes closet. Of course, make sure that no one else will open this closet unless he can be scared to death (no kidding).

Clean your doll after usage

When your doll is not in use, don’t forget to clean the sexual holes, and remove the makeup you may have add. Same for the perfume, use a glover with warm water (without soap) to remove the perfume before you store your sex doll. For more information about the cleaning, don’t forget to read our article How to clean a sex doll.

Remove the clothing.

Very important. When you don’t use the doll, remove all the clothes, as the fabric may fade on the skin if the clothes and the skin touch each other for too long.