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Realistic TPE Sex Dolls Collection

Discover our realistic sex dolls made of TPE

We have gather here all our realistic TPE sex dolls.

In the sex doll industry, you will find 2 different materials : TPE and Silicone

When the sex toys industry began to make solid dolls (non inflatable) they started to use silicone, but they progressively moved to Thermoplastic Elastomer as it is much cheaper than silicone, but for the same quality. A sex doll made in TPE has her skin as smooth as the skin of a real woman. Touch her, lick her, touch hers boobs as much you want. Their boobs can be hollow so you can easily squeeze them or a bit more “solid”. This is a customizable option. All our realistic TPE sex dolls have the 3 sexual orifices : vaginal, anal and oral (for blowjob). So you can fuck them in the way you want ! They come with an articulated steel frame so they can hold many different sexual positions. it is time to unleash your imagination !

They also can stand on their own thanks to the “standing feet” option. Eyes and wigs are easily switchable.

By the way, we also sell silicone sex dolls if you are more into silicone.

And last but not least, the package is 100% blank, no one can wonder what is inside. All our prices are shipping included and we pay for any import tax or custom duties that may be applied.

a realistic sex doll made of TPE

A realistic sex doll made of TPE

What exactly is TPE (Thermoplastic elastomer) ? A bit of science

TPE stand for Thermoplastic elastomer. it sometimes referred to as thermoplastic rubbers, are a class of copolymers or a physical mix of polymers (usually a plastic and a rubber) that consist of materials with both thermoplastic and elastomeric properties. While most elastomers are thermosets, thermoplastics are in contrast relatively easy to use in manufacturing, for example, by injection molding. Thermoplastic elastomers show advantages typical of both rubbery materials and plastic materials. The benefit of using thermoplastic elastomers is the ability to stretch to moderate elongations and return to its near original shape creating a longer life and better physical range than other materialsYou can find more information about TPE on Wikipedia.

Below are all our realistic sex dolls made of TPE

  • Sale! Fujiko the Japanese love doll From 1490 $1,290
    168cm (5ft6in) C-Cup
  • Sale! American Sex Doll Meisa 5ft2 E-Cup From 1490 $1,290
    160cm (5ft2in) E-Cup
  • Sale! Japanese fuck doll Harumi From 1190 $990
    140cm (4ft7in) D-Cup
  • Sale! Mia is a TPE muscle doll From 1490 $1,290
    161cm (5ft3in) E-Cup Fitness Body
  • Asian fuck doll Momoko From $1,490
    5ft2in (158cm) D-Cup
  • Sale! Yumi 140cm mini real doll close up on face From 1190 $990
    4ft7in (140cm) F-Cup
  • Rika the cutiest mini sex doll From $990
    4ft7in (140cm) F-Cup
  • Satomi Mini love doll From $990
    4ft7in (140cm) F-Cup
  • Nozomi a dreamy Japanese Real Fuck Doll From $1,290
    158cm (5ft2in) E-Cup
  • Sale! Miranda is your Japan Real Love doll From 1290 $1,090
    148cm (4ft10) D-Cup
  • Sale! Adult Doll For Vaginal, Anal & Oral Sex From 1090 $990
    4ft7 (140cm) D Cup
  • From $1,190
    5ft2in (158cm)
  • Sale! Black BBW Realistic Sex Doll, Kerry From 1490 $1,290
    161cm (5ft3in) E-Cup
  • Sale! Romi 160cm BBW Love Doll From 1450 $1,300
    160cm (5ft2in) H-Cup
  • Sale! Japanese sex doll Chisaki, a geisha on cherry blossom background From 1190 $990
    4ft7in (140cm) D-Cup
  • Sale! Jenna a BBW Russian sex doll From 1590 $1,390
    160cm (5ft2in) H-Cup
  • Manga Sex Doll Sakura From $1,690
    5ft2in (158cm) B-Cup
  • Katsumi 5ft3(160cm) with Big Boobs H-Cup Japanese Sex Doll From $1,690
    5ft3in (160cm) H-Cup
  • Arrixy the Big Breast Sex Doll From $1,790
    159cm (5ft2in) K-Cup
  • Violetta a white sex doll From $1,490
    5ft2in (158cm) G-Cup
  • Beautiful blonde fuck doll Ashley, the queen of fuck dolls From $1,690
    158cm (5ft2in) E-Cup
  • small sex doll vanessa From $1,590
    4ft 7in (140cm) D-Cup
  • Sale! Kagney mini Sex Doll From 1650 $1,550
    140cm (4ft7in) A-Cup
  • Sale! Jade 163cm WM BBW Sex Doll From 2190 $1,990
    163cm (5ft3in) H-Cup
  • Sale! Cassandra a wild USA sex doll From 1650 $1,550
    4ft 7in (140cm) D-Cup
  • From $1,790
    4ft7in (140cm) D-Cup
  • Sale! Alina close eyes Tiny Sex Doll From 1650 $1,550
    140cm (4ft7in) A-Cup
  • Sale! Briana the school teacher love doll From 1990 $1,790
    5ft2in (157cm) B-Cup
  • Sale! Wendy the mini realistic sex doll From 1650 $1,550
    4ft7in (140cm) D-Cup
  • fucking love doll alison From $1,690
    166cm (5ft5in) C-Cup TPE
  • Sale! From 1650 $1,550
    4ft7in (140cm) D-Cup
  • Sale! military sex doll From 1990 $1,790
    5ft5in (166cm) C-Cup
  • blonde sex doll From $1,790
    5ft 5in (166cm) C-Cup TPE Sex Doll
  • Realistic Fucking Sex Doll From $1,790
    5ft2in (158cm) D-Cup
  • Sale! BBW Sex Doll, 4ft2in(158cm) L-Cup From 1990 $1,790
    4ft2in (158cm) L-Cup
  • fuck love doll madison From $1,790
    155cm (5ft1in) DD-Cup
  • Sale! Kylie 157cm B-cup WM Love Doll From 1990 $1,790
    5ft2in (157cm) B-Cup
  • Sale! Life like sex doll abby From 1990 $1,690
    5ft3in (160cm) D-Cup
  • Sale! Dors is the best sexy doll agent of Los Angeles From 2190 $1,990
    163cm (5ft4in) H-Cup
  • Kimberly is a petite adult sex doll From $1,790
    4ft7in (140cm) D-Cup
  • Sale! Nina with Huge Breasts sex Dolls From 1990 $1,790
    167cm (5ft4in) H-Cup
  • Sale! Alyssa-blonde-sex-doll From 1990 $1,690
    5ft3in (160cm) D-Cup
  • Sale! Bonita-sex-doll From 1750 $1,650
    5ft1in (156cm) C-Cup
  • Sale! Pamela-sex-doll From 1990 $1,740
    5ft1in (155cm) DD-Cup
  • Dolly 173cm BBW sex doll with H-Cup breasts. From $1,890
    5ft8in (173cm) H-Cup TPE Sex Doll
  • Sale! Real Sex Doll (Red haired, Meg) My Silicone Love Doll From 1990 $1,790
    5ft2in (157cm) B-Cup
  • From $1,790
    156cm (5ft2in) K-Cup
  • Sale! sex doll without shipping cost to Canada From 1990 $1,740
    5ft 5in (168cm) E-Cup
  • Adult Fuck Doll Marina From $1,790
    5ft7in (172cm) B-Cup TPE Sex Doll
  • Sale! Felicity 5ft1in (155cm) DD-Cup Sex Dol From 1990 $1,740
    5ft1in (155cm) DD-Cup
  • chubby sex doll from WM Doll From $1,790
    5ft1 (155cm) L-Cup TPE Sex Doll
  • Sale! Eliza 5ft1in (155cm) A-Cup From 1990 $1,740
    5ft1in (155cm) A-Cup
  • fuck real doll in TPE From $1,790
    5ft5in166cm C Cup Sex Doll
  • Chinese love doll From $1,790
    4ft7in (140cm) D-Cup
  • Athena is a 172cm tall flat chested B-cup red haired sex doll From $1,790
    5ft7in (172cm) B-Cup TPE Sex Doll
  • A realistic curvy sex doll From $1,790
    4ft1in (156cm) B-Cup
  • Sale! Bounty authentic Black Sex Doll From 1990 $1,740
    5ft6in (168cm) A-Cup
  • Sale! From 1990 $1,790
    148cm (4ft10in) L-Cup
  • WM Doll Torso Sex Doll Sophie From $1,290
    Real Sex Doll Torso From WM
  • Sale! Gianna rich sweden sex doll From 1990 $1,690
    5ft2in (157cm) B-Cup
  • Sale! A blonde US Sex Doll From 1990 $1,790
    5ft2in (157cm) B-Cup
  • mature sex doll From $1,790
    5ft6in (170cm) D Cup
  • Japanese Fucking Doll Ayumi From $1,790
    4ft7in (164cm) D-Cup Fucking Doll
  • Sale! Kelly 172cm B-Cup Tall Sex Doll From 1990 $1,790
    5ft7in (172cm) B-Cup TPE Sex Doll
  • realistic love doll From $1,790
    5ft2in (157cm) B-Cup
  • small breast sex doll From $1,690
    4ft7in (140cm) A-Cup
  • Sale! Skinny Sex Doll 5ft5in (168cm) A Cup Breast From 1990 $1,740
    5ft6in (168cm) A-Cup
  • Sale! Dana the onwer of the best UK sex doll shop From 1990 $1,740
    5ft4in (167cm) H-Cup
  • Kristana is the sweetest of our real love dolls From $1,990
    5ft2in (157cm) B-Cup
  • Buddy tall male sex doll From $1,990
    5ft75in (175cm)
  • Realistic Young Sex Doll Samantha From $1,790
    5ft5in (166cm) C-Cup TPE Sex Doll
  • Realistic Male Love Doll Mike From $1,790
    5ft3in (160cm)
  • realistic adult love doll From $1,790
    5ft6in (172cm) D Cup TPE Love Doll
  • littile sex doll with elf ears From $1,790
    140cm (4ft7in) A-Cup
  • Sale! Hentai sex doll buffy From 1790 $1,690
    5ft 4in (165cm) D-Cup
  • Nikki a real blonde among Hentai sex dolls From $1,790
    140cm (4ft7in) A-Cup
  • From $1,790
    5ft5in (166cm) C Cup TPE Love Doll
  • Sale! Klaudia 5ft2(156cm) B-Cup BBW Sex Doll From 1990 $1,790
    5ft1in (156cm) B-Cup
  • Sale! Holly Christmas sex Doll From 1990 $1,740
    5ft7in (170cm) H-Cup
  • Sale! Minka a frustrated housewife want be best of sex dolls From 1990 $1,790
    167cm (5ft4in) H-Cup
  • sexy ass sex doll From $1,790
    165cm (5ft5in) D-Cup
  • sex doll with red hairs From $1,790
    5ft6in (172cm) D Cup TPE Sex Doll
  • Wonder Woman Sex Doll From $1,790
  • Anatomically correct realistic sex doll From $1,790
    5ft6in (172cm) D Cup TPE Love Doll
  • redheaded sex doll From $1,790
    5ft5in (166cm) C Cup TPE Love Doll
  • Fitness Sex Doll With Muscles From $1,790
    5ft5in K-Cup TPE Love Doll
  • sexy real sex doll From $1,790
    5ft4in (162cm) E-Cup
  • High quality 162cm E-cup WM Cowgirl Sex Doll From $1,790
    5ft3in (162cm) E-Cup
  • Sale! new zealand sex doll From 1990 $1,790
    5ft7in (172cm) D-Cup TPE Sex Doll
  • sexy sex doll From $1,790
    157cm D Cup TPE Sex Doll
  • life size sex doll From $1,790
    157cm D Cup TPE Sex Doll
  • Sale! Layton the American black sex doll Black From 1990 $1,740
    5ft6in (168cm) A-Cup
  • Sale! Aaliyah an adorable african love doll From 1990 $1,740
    5ft6in (168cm) A-Cup
  • Sale! Sarah a beautifull Ebony sex Doll From 1990 $1,740
    5ft6in (168cm) A-Cup
  • 170cm sex doll From $1,790
    5ft2in (158cm) D-Cup
  • Sale! Katja best Germany sex doll From 1990 $1,690
    5ft2in (157cm) B-Cup
  • Sale! Julia the Naughty real sex doll From 1990 $1,690
    5ft2in (157cm) B-Cup
  • Sale! Bunny the fucking BBW sex doll teacher From 1790 $1,640
    4ft1in (156cm) B-Cup
  • Sex Doll For Adult From $1,790
    5ft5in (165cm) D-Cup
  • Sale! sex doll escort From 1990 $1,740
    5ft6in (168cm) F-Cup
  • Mei 5ft4(163cm) C-Cup Chinese Sex Doll From $1,790
    5ft4in (163cm) C-Cup
  • blonde love doll From $1,790
    160cm (5ft3in) G-Cup
  • Realistic Male Sex Doll Jesse From $1,790
    5ft3in (160cm)
  • sex doll silicone head From $2,290
    5ft3in (168cm) E-Cup
  • tall sex doll From $1,790
    5ft7in (172cm) D-Cup
  • Dani the mini sex Doll From $1,790
    140cm (4ft7in) A-Cup
  • Sale! Akira sex doll from Piper From 1790 $1,640
    5ftin (153cm) A-Cup
  • sex doll torso from Pipe Doll From $1,190
    WM 85cm F-cup Sex Torso
  • silicone real doll From $2,490
    4ft 9in (150cm) F Cup Silicone
  • Sale! Akira Sex Doll (Big Breasts version) From Piper Doll From 1790 $1,640
    4ft11in (150cm) D Cup
  • Sale! piper doll jessica redhead From 1790 $1,640
    150cm (4ft9in) K-Cup TPE Love Doll
  • silicone sex doll From $2,490
    5ft2in (150cm) J-Cup
  • silicone fuck doll From $2,490
    5ft 3in (162cm) C Cup Silicone
  • silicone love doll From $2,490
    4ft9in (150cm) K-Cup
  • Piper Doll Sarah TPE Sex Doll Torso From $1,190
    Sex Doll Torso 2ft7in (80cm)
  • Sale! Piper Doll Miyuki - Japanese Real Sex Doll From Piper Dolls From 1890 $1,740
    160cm (5ft 2in)
  • Sale! Piper Doll Jenna - TPE version - 5ft3in (162cm) C Cup From 1890 $1,740
    5ft 3in (162cm) C Cup
  • Sale! sex doll Ariel from Piper Doll From 1790 $1,640
    140cm (4ft 7in)
  • Sale! piper doll eirian From 1790 $1,640
    150cm (4ft11in)
  • Sale! piper doll nozomi From 1790 $1,640
    155cm (5ft) B-Cup
  • Sale! piper doll mindy sex doll From 1790 $1,640
    155cm (5ft) B-Cup
  • Sale! Piper Doll Beth Sex Doll - 5ft2in 160cm J Cup From 1990 $1,840
    5ft24in (160cm) J Cup
  • Sale! Piper Doll Risako Sex Doll From 1890 $1,740
    160cm (5ft24in) N-Cup

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