Chihiro 148cm Love Doll

148cm (4ft10in) D-Cup TPE Love Doll

From 1190 $1,090

From 1190 $1,090

  • Please note that the doll head in the images below does NOT represent the head of your new doll. These images are used to show you how the wig will look when placed on a doll. All dolls are shipped with the head displayed in the image gallery to the left.

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Girly Real Sex Doll Chihiro

From dressing up in expensive gowns to having her nails manicured, it’s plain for all to see that Chihiro is a young woman that loves the finer things in life. Her milk white skin is as soft as silk and with such a sweet and innocent face, it’s hard to imagine that this young Japanese girly TPE real sex doll is an enchantress in the bedroom.

Chihiro lives a life of indulgence and enjoys the trappings of luxury, but one thing she’s missing is a lover who can take her to the heights of ecstasy she so longs for. She lies in bed each night pleasuring herself, but it no longer satisfies her. She needs a man to please her, could it be you?

Spoil her with jewelry and sexy lingerie, and she’ll fulfill your wildest fantasies. In fact, Chihiro hides a secret; she’s so frustrated that she spends hours on end studying the Kama Sutra, and with her flexible and supple limbs, she’s more than willing to try out any position you desire.

Her perky yet full D-cup breasts are firm, her waist slim, and her hips just the right size. Some might even say that this Japanese girly TPE real sex doll has the perfect body for long nights of unbridled passion. Treat Chihiro like a princess, and she’ll do whatever it takes to please you. Take her home, and you’ll never look at another woman again.

Live all love dolls at MSLD, Chihiro is fully customisable to suit your unique personal preferences.


Height: 4ft10 (148cm)
Weight: 61.7lbs (28kg)
Waist: 20in (51cm)
Hips: 29in (74cm)


Breast: D-Cup
Bust: 29.9in (76cm)
Under Bust: 23.6in (60cm)


Soft realistic TPE skin
Metallic Skeleton 100% articulated

Sexual Holes

Vaginal Sex: 6.7in (17cm)
Anal Sex: 6.2in (16cm)
Oral depth: 5.5in (14cm)

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Lovely TPE doll, very beautifull doll with realistic looking, customize your love doll with your favorite combination of hair skin color and eyes... Enjoy a fantasy erotic experience with our real dolls.

Key Features

  • Sexual oral, vaginal & anal holes
  • Soft realistic TPE skin & Metallic Skeleton 100% articulated*
  • Free discreet shipping + Ok for special delivery instructions, see shipping page

Heating and Moaning Functions

When it comes to love dolls, there’s no doubt that silicone is by far and away the most life-like material that gives an incredibly realistic feeling.
But there’s one thing missing: Body heat.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could feel your doll getting hotter in the throes of passion ?
Well, thanks to our new internal heating mechanism, that’s precisely the feeling you’ll get.
Heat and moaning feature of our dolls
  • Our new range of dolls allow you to control their body temperature so you can feel their temperature rising as things heat up in the bedroom.
  • Producing heat from their heads and breasts, these dolls give you the feeling of warmth that can only be compared to that of a lover.
  • We’ve also added a sound feature so you can hear your doll moan with pleasure as she lets you know that you’re doing everything just right.
  • This incredible feature is controlled remotely so you can choose a quiet session of lovemaking or enjoy listening to her ecstatic moaning as you have your way with her.
We love all of our dolls here at MySiliconeLoveDoll, but we are blown away by these girls who blur the lines of reality bringing you the most realistic sexual experience you can imagine.

Vagina & Anal photos



With pubic hair


Anal hole


Vagina cut

You can notice that orifices are specially designed to tight the penis to give you the best sensation. vagina-cut


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