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Enjoy our selection of beautiful blonde sex doll !

Looking for a realistic blonde sex doll ? Into golden hairs ? You came to the right place. We have here a wide range of blonde sex dolls. Petite, tiny, tall, big, fat, BBW, with big tits or with small breasts. They are all blonde dolls ! Like all our other real blonde love dolls, they have a realistic smooth skin and are fully articulated thanks to their metal skeleton. And of course, because they are real fuck dolls, they are all ready for vagina, anal and oral sex with their 3 sexual orifices.

All our wigs are easily switchable. Cannot decide between wavy, straight, curly, short or long blonde wig ? No worries, you can change the wig of your love doll anytime and easily. During the checkout, feel free to ask for one or 2 more wigs, we can give extra wigs for free. No big deal !

Why do you we have a lot of realistic blonde sex dolls ?

Just because a lot of men (ok, not all of them) really do prefer blondes! It’s been decades since Marilyn Monroe ruled the silver screen. But, according to many studies, it seems gentlemen still prefer blondes. So many blonde chicks make men crazy : Britney Spears, Cristina Aguilera, Scarlett Johansson, they are just so HOT !

All our real blonde sex dolls are shipped discreetly. The package is 100% blank, no one can wonder what is inside. All our prices are shipping included and we pay for any import tax or custom duties that may be applied.

Discover our collection of realistic blonde sex doll :

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  • Sale! American Sex Doll Meisa 5ft2 E-Cup From 1490 $1,290
    160cm (5ft2in) E-Cup
  • Nozomi a dreamy Japanese Real Fuck Doll From $1,290
    158cm (5ft2in) E-Cup
  • Sale! Briana the school teacher love doll From 1990 $1,790
    5ft2in (157cm) B-Cup
  • Dolly 173cm BBW sex doll with H-Cup breasts. From $1,890
    5ft8in (173cm) H-Cup TPE Sex Doll
  • From $1,790
    5ft5in (166cm) C Cup TPE Love Doll
  • Sale! Alyssa-blonde-sex-doll From 1990 $1,690
    5ft3in (160cm) D-Cup
  • Sale! Mia is a TPE muscle doll From 1490 $1,290
    161cm (5ft3in) E-Cup Fitness Body
  • April 5ft7(170cm) E-cup Sex Doll From $1,590
    5ft7in (170cm) E-Cup
  • Body Builder 5ft4(165cm) E-Cup Sex Doll From $1,490
    5ft4in (165cm) E-Cup Sex Doll
  • High quality 162cm E-cup WM Cowgirl Sex Doll From $1,790
    5ft3in (162cm) E-Cup
  • sexy real sex doll From $1,790
    5ft4in (162cm) E-Cup
  • Sale! BBW Sex Doll, 4ft2in(158cm) L-Cup From 1990 $1,790
    4ft2in (158cm) L-Cup
  • Sale! Kylie 157cm B-cup WM Love Doll From 1990 $1,790
    5ft2in (157cm) B-Cup
  • Sale! A blonde US Sex Doll From 1990 $1,790
    5ft2in (157cm) B-Cup
  • Beautiful blonde fuck doll Ashley, the queen of fuck dolls From $1,690
    158cm (5ft2in) E-Cup
  • Sale! Olivia a big breast life size adult doll From 1290 $1,190
    158cm (5ft2) E-Cup
  • Sale! Jenna a BBW Russian sex doll From 1590 $1,390
    160cm (5ft2in) H-Cup
  • Sale! Riley TPE Love Doll doesn't Joke with sex games From 1450 $1,250
    165cm (5ft4in) D-Cup
  • Sale! Wendy the mini realistic sex doll From 1650 $1,550
    4ft7in (140cm) D-Cup
  • Sale! Charlize a blonde Life Size Sex Doll From 1090 $990
    140cm (4ft7in) D-Cup
  • fuck real doll in TPE From $1,790
    5ft5in166cm C Cup Sex Doll
  • Sale! Gianna rich sweden sex doll From 1990 $1,690
    5ft2in (157cm) B-Cup
  • Sale! Naima Swedish sex doll From 1590 $1,290
    168cm (5ft6in) C-Cup
  • Sale! Holly Christmas sex Doll From 1990 $1,740
    5ft7in (170cm) H-Cup
  • Sale! A big booty sex doll From 1450 $1,300
    158cm (5ft1in) E-Cup
  • Sale! Bonita-sex-doll From 1750 $1,650
    5ft1in (156cm) C-Cup
  • littile sex doll with elf ears From $1,790
    140cm (4ft7in) A-Cup
  • Nikki a real blonde among Hentai sex dolls From $1,790
    140cm (4ft7in) A-Cup
  • Sale! From 1355 $1,205
    4ft9in (148cm) C-Cup
  • From $1,790
    4ft7in (140cm) D-Cup
  • A realistic curvy sex doll From $1,790
    4ft1in (156cm) B-Cup
  • Sale! Bunny the fucking BBW sex doll teacher From 1790 $1,640
    4ft1in (156cm) B-Cup
  • mature sex doll From $1,790
    5ft6in (170cm) D Cup
  • Sale! heating and moaning tpe love dolls From 1490 $1,390
    165cm (5ft5in) G-Cup
  • blonde love doll From $1,790
    160cm (5ft3in) G-Cup
  • tall sex doll From $1,790
    5ft7in (172cm) D-Cup
  • Sale! Pamela-sex-doll From 1990 $1,740
    5ft1in (155cm) DD-Cup
  • From $1,790
    156cm (5ft2in) K-Cup
  • blonde sex doll From $1,790
    5ft 5in (166cm) C-Cup TPE Sex Doll
  • Sale! Elf Sex Doll Dora From Doll 4 Ever From 1790 $1,640
    146cm (4ft8in) C Cup
  • Sale! Celia Sex Doll Australia From 1790 $1,640
    146cm (4ft8in)
  • Sale! Doll 4 Ever - Victoria 155cm Sex Doll From 1790 $1,640
    5ft (155cm) E Cup TPE Sex Doll
  • Sale! From 1990 $1,840
    5ft4in (165cm) F Cup TPE Sex Doll
  • Sale! Piper Doll Beth Sex Doll - 5ft2in 160cm J Cup From 1990 $1,840
    5ft24in (160cm) J Cup

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