My Silicone Love Doll Featured on the Huffington Post

Huffingtonpost is a famous website about international politics and social news. An article was published relating My Silicone Love Doll venture in the Robot Sex Dolls Blowjob Cafe business!

Like “bordoll” or in other words, brothel with sex dolls which flourishes in Germany in particular, dolls are at the premises of new business ideas. In the article on the Huffington post, there are now Blowjob Cafe where robot sex dolls are actively working.

Please check on the original article, here.

My Silicone Love Doll in the Huffington Post
Article Name
My Silicone Love Doll in the Huffington Post
A press release about a project in which My Silicone Love Doll was involved in setting up Blowjob Cafe with robot sex dolls.
Publisher Name
My Silicone Love Doll
Publisher Logo

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