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The History Of Sex Dolls

  • Sex Dolls were first introduced in the 17th century for sailors
  • Industrial revolution in the 19th century saw the first dolls made out of plastic and rubber
  • In the 70’s silicone sex dolls were introduced
  • From 2010, the price of sex dolls dropped significantly thanks to the development of a new material, TPE.
  • Ultra realistic robot sex dolls with artifical intelligence are the future of the industry

At all times, one of the greatest challenge of sailors was the lack of sex during their very long journey. That is why it is quite known that once sailors arrive at a seaport after a long trip, they are usually very sexually frustrated and some of them rush to the nearest brothels to release themselves. However, in the 17th century, some creative captains had a great idea to solve this problem: they carried the world first sex dolls onboard in order to let the sailors meet their sexual appetite during the journey. While quite primitive, these first love dolls were perfectly functional and sailors quite enjoyed them.

After the second industrial revolution, during the 19th century, industrial technology evolved a lot and allowed for the creation of new objects made out of plastic and rubber. Some factory owners, excited by the new possibilities brought by these technological progress decided to use their new machines to produce the first plastic love dolls. The production was rather limited in quantity, and targeted at a small elite of very rich customers. Aesthetically, the dolls looked better that the previous generation (those used by the sailors), but there were still challenges to produce faces in a realistic way. These items were released under the name of “Parisian rubber articles”.

During WWII it was reported that Germany produced significant amount of inflatable sex dolls for the army. Indeed, it was supposed that Germany wanted to offer a substitute for sex to their soldiers in an attempt to avoid letting them having sex with non-aryan women in occupied territories. Although Germany probably had the resources and technology required to manufacture these dolls, there is no confirmed source for this information and it is believed to be an hoax.

In the following decades, the industry finally took off with a lot of company starting to produce inflatable dolls This was made possible by the abundance of cheap oil and plastic materials. These inflatable dolls were better than the “Parisian rubber articles” and were quite easy to carry, but still they were not very realistic.

Because these inflatable dolls were not realistic enough, some other entrepreneurs had the idea to drop the idea of inflatable love dolls and decided to manufacture solid one instead. In order to fill the inside, cotton and similar materials were used. These dolls were better than the inflatable dolls produced earlier, and the market started to pick up, with more and more people wanting to buy sex dolls.

The 90’s saw a major revolution in the sex doll industry with the use of medical grade silicone for doll’s skin. This new material has been made possible with recent technological progress and many years of scientific research in the petrochemical industry. The result is absolutely outstanding. When you look at this silicone skin, it is very difficult to see any difference with a real person skin. When you touch it, it also feels very realistic. Technology for moulds also evolved a lot and allowed for much more accurate details and much higher quality products. This resulted in much more beautiful and realistic faces for dolls. Other features such as hairs and eyes also improved a lot and were used to produce higher quality and realistics products. These advances also led to major improvements for sexual holes: oral, vaginal and anal holes became almost as smooth and tight as real women’s. Thanks to these improvements, having sex with dolls has become much more pleasurable and realistic than before.

Since 2000, customers can choose the wig style, the hair color, the eye color, the skin color, the nail color, the size and many other features. Thus, it has become possible to order 100% unique love doll.

The amazing realism of these new dolls lead to the creation of the term real doll. These dolls usually have embedded electronics for groaning during sexual intercourses, as well as heating system for the skin, which can be as warm as 98.6°F (37°C), like for real women. It has also become quite common to ship these products with real women clothes, and for customers to dress their dolls as if there were reals. As you can imagine, the favourite clothes are related to common sexual fantasies: nurse, Japanese schoolgirl, flight attendant, office lady, etc…

Fully fledged dolls are not the only kind of products available on the market. Now you can also find body parts such as torsos or legs. These items can either be used as spare parts for your fully fledged doll, or for people who want only a very specific sexual fantasies. For example, some customers only buy an ass with a vagina and anus to have anal sex all the time. Some other customers fancy buying a pair of feet for footjobs. Among other new products you can also find male sex dolls. This is still a tiny part of the market, but it might become bigger in the future.

Culturally, even though the sex doll market expanded a lot the past few years, the public does not know very well that is exists. In some countries such as Japan, love dolls are much more common and known. In this country, you can not only buy them, but also rent them. In big cities such as Tokyo or Osaka you can find sex doll hotels where a doll is waiting for you in your room. Customers can give them a bath, spend the night and as well as indulge in all kind of sexual fantasies with their doll. Although sex dolls have spread throughout the world, they still remain forbidden in some countries, such as India or some Muslim countries. In general, if you want to buy a love doll, it is still a good idea to check that it is allowed in your country. In case of doubt, you can ask us.

The future of the sex doll industry

The love doll industry is still young and in a very dynamic phase of expansion. Public interest in dolls is growing very rapidly and is fueling a lot fascinating developments. A trend we are observing currently is the development of dolls with more and more embedded electronics. For example, there are already quite a few dolls available on the market which can groan and moan when having sex, exactly like a real woman. We also know that robots feature more and more capabilities. In the future we might see some dolls benefiting from these technological advances. These new dolls will be a kind of android love doll, which can actually listen, talk and move like a real person. Artificial intelligence might also be on the menu with dolls which can learn from you and become more intelligent. For example, these sort of modern sex dolls might be able to learn your favorite sex positions and use this piece of information to give you an optimized sex experience. As you can see, the future of sex dolls looks very exciting and we are just at the beginning of this amazing journey!

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  1. Scarlet

    Few of the historical stories about sex dolls are really surprising to know specially the story about german soldiers using sex doll is a quite a strange one.


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