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Welcome to our website dedicated to love doll (silicone or inflatable)
We sell body part like legs or torso as well.
Free and discreet shipping.
We provide worldwide delivery (USA, Europe, Australia, etc ...)

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The secretary of your dream
Did you ever dream of an asian secretary ?
Height : 158cm
Waist : 82cm – 59cm – 81cm
Weight : 30kg
Silicone TPE, metal skeleton
Sexy office dress included !
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Japanese schoolgirl
Free your fantasy ! Height : 158cm
Waist : 82cm – 59cm – 81cm
Weight : 30kg
Silicone TPE, metal skeleton
Japanese schoolgirl uniform included !
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Caucasian realistic doll
Free your fantasy !
Height : 158cm!
Waist : 82cm – 59cm – 81cm!
Weight : 30kg!
Silicone TPE, metal skeleton!
Sexy clothes included !
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Height : 136cm
Vaginal sex
Anal sex
Oral sex
Clothes of your choice included !
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Candy doll
Height : 125cm
Vaginal sex
Anal sex
Oral sex
Clothes of your choice included !
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Silicone legs
Can stand by itself
Fully articulated
Anal hole
Vaginal hole
Underwear included
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Silicone torso
Material: silicone TPR
Lenght : 62cm
Dia : 30cm
Thickness : 17cm
Vaginal hole
Anal hole

As we have now a wide range of dolls, we give you here a grid showing all our solid dolls with their attributes.

Click here to see all our products (only silicone dolls are listed here)

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  • Height : 125cm (49.21″)
  • Weight : 20kg (44 lbs)
  • Bust : 67cm (26.37″)
  • Waistline : 53cm (20.86″)
  • Hips : 73cm (28.74″)
  • Mouth : 12cm deep
  • Oral sex
  • Vaginal sex
  • Anal sex
  • Hair and eye color are customizable

Silicone sex doll

Our realistic adult sex dolls are almost perfect replicas of real women. This is the latest generation of love dolls.

They are made of high quality silicone, with a metal skeleton inside which make them fully articulated.

We have asian and caucasian.

They can do vaginal, anal and even oral sex.

The most advanced models can groan during intercourse and contain within them an embedded system to increase their body temperature to 37° Celcius.

Their vaginal and anal holes are specially designed to grip your penis in order to procure the best sensation.

You can choose one dress for free (Office dress, Japanese student uniform, nurse, flight attendant, etc …) Free your fantasy !

Silicone legs

Discover our silicone legs, the part of the female anatomy which most turns men on.

Thanks to its metal skeleton, legs can stand by themselves and are fully articulated.

Underwear are included, and you can choose to add some clothes also available in our store (skirt, pants, jean, tight, legging leather, garter, etc …)

Ready for vaginal and anal sex.

These silicone legs will definitely turn you on ! Ready for vaginal and anal sex. Can stand by itself, fully articulated.

Silicone torso

Don't need a full body doll ? We have here a small selection of silicone sex torso.

They have considerably large breasts and embedded vaginal and anal holes so you can enjoy all positions.

We give underwear and one free article of clothing for free. Just write us what style you want when placing your order.

Inflatable doll

Not yet ready for a full solid doll ?

Shipped with a blow pump machine and sexy lingerie.

They are not fully inflatable, they are semi solid. It means their vagina, anal holes and faces are made of silicone.

Japanese masturbator

Give your wrist a rest thanks to the last generation of male masturbator. Incredible sensation for a mini price.

Why choose us ?

A wide ranging choice of products

Our goal is to gather a wide ranging choice of product to allow men and female  to have fun the way they want.

Free shipping

All our prices include the shipping fee. Thereby there is no hidden fee, the price you see is the price you will pay.

Discreet shipping

Discretion is our policy, in any package you could receive from us, we will never write what is really inside, so the delivery man or anyone will not know anything.

No hidden fees

The price you see is the price you will pay.

A reliable company

We are located in Hong Kong as it is the best place to be when dealing with manufacturers. We have a real address, a real office, and our licence number is : 50185179-000-01-09-7

A bit of history

As long as we know, love dolls already existed in the seventeenth centurie. They were used by sailor during long voyages.

After the second industrial revolution, some factories made doll from plastic and rubber. They put them on their catalogue under the name of "Parisian rubber articles".

When the world war 2 ended, some peoples reported that a lot of inflatable dolls were produced by Germany. Indeed, the third Reich's Defence Staff did not want their men sleep with non-aryen women in occupied territory. But without tangible proof, this information is now considered as a hoax.

In the folowing decades, a lot of small companies around the world started to make inflatable dolls.

Then, some of them start to make what we call "solid" love doll. There we not inflatable anymore but filled with cotton or some other materials. At that period, solid dolls were made of plastic, vinyl or latex.

In the 90s, the doll industry will see a revolution with the using of medical silicone. The skin look real, at sight and at touch. Material for hairs and eyes have also substantially improved.

Customers can now customized their dolls, by choosing wig style, hair color, eyes color, skin color, nail's size etc ...

Degree of realism is now amazing, we call that kind of doll "realistic" doll or "real doll".

Some of best dolls have eletronic features. They can groan during intercourse or embed an heating system to rise their body's temperature up to 98.6°F (37°C).

Doll's manufacturer give measurements so buyers can dress their doll the way they want. Most popular dress follow the most common men's fantasy like nurse, japanese schoolgirl, air intendant, office lady etc ..

Full dolls are not the only kind of products available on the market, you may now find torso or legs.

While sex dolls are now widespread in the whole world, they still remain forbidden in India and most of muslim's countries.

Of course, 99% of dolls are women replica but there are also dolls for women. Most of times it is torso with penis, but there is now full body as well.

Japanese dolls

Realistic dolls are widely known in Japan. Not only for buying, but also for renting. Indeed, you can find in big cities like Tokyo or Osaka some kind of "hotels" where a doll is waiting for you in your room. Customers can give them a bath, spend the night with them, etc ...

The future

We can easily forsee the futur of the industry. Doll will progressively become a kind of android. They will start to move by themselves, speak etc ...