Huge Breast Sex Doll Hiroko

4ft7in (140cm) H-Cup TPE sex Doll

From $1,590

From $1,590

  • Please note that the doll head in the images below does NOT represent the head of your new doll. These images are used to show you how the wig will look when placed on a doll. All dolls are shipped with the head displayed in the image gallery to the left.

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A realistic sex doll with mega big boobs !

If you are into big breast you definitely should take a look at this huge breast sex doll ! Indeed she got H Cup breasts ! Can you imagine putting your head between those mega boobs ? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Made of high grade TPE, her skin is as realistic and smooth than the skin of a real woman. She is also articulated (with her steel frame). Because she has the 3 sexual holes, – vagina, anus, mouth – she is capable of vaginal, anal and oral sex. Play with her boobs as much as you want. We offer 2 options, “solid” and “hollow”. Hollows breast are a bit “heavier”, they are “harder” to squeeze. Some men  like it this way. Her skin is of course only made of non-toxic materials. You can lick and suck her tits for hours.

We have many options available. You can customize our huge boobs love doll. You can choose her wig, her eyes, her skin tone, with or without pubic hairs, with an insert vagina or built in vagina and more ! You can even choose the color of her toenails !

Click on the “Choose option” button to take a look at all the customizable options. Wigs and eyes are easily switchable.

Body’s dimensions


Height: 4ft7 (140cm)
Weight: 49.1lbs (22.3kg)
Waist: 12.5in (32cm)
Hips: 26.3in (67cm)


Breast: H-Cup
Bust: 36.2in (92cm)
Under Bust: 13.3in (34cm)


Soft realistic TPE skin
Metallic Skeleton 100% articulated

Sexual Holes

Vaginal Sex: 6.2in (16cm)
Anal Sex: 5.5in (14cm)
Oral depth: 4.7in (12cm)

Free Shipping & Discreet Delivery

Our huge breast sex doll is shipped discreetly. The package is 100% blank, no one can wonder what is inside. All our prices are shipping included and we pay for any import tax or custom duties that may be applied

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MySiliconeLoveDoll is happy to present you the brand JY Doll !

JY sex doll brand

JY Doll company is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province of China, specialized in manufacturing full solid TPE dolls, adopt professional production process, make the doll’s skin soft, smooth and delicate, full of elasticity. Besides, their TPE materials complied with National Health & Safety Standard which is harmless to human and is environmental friendly.

  • Skin ultra soft & realistic in TPE
  • Metalic skeleton entirely articulated
  • Can change or add extra Head among JY Doll head collection
  • Many costumize option : wig, skin color, nail color, shoulder, mouth...


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