Latina and hispanic sex dolls collection

We have gather here our collection of latina and hispanic sex dolls. They all have 3 sexual orifices (vagina, anus, mouth) so they are ready for vagina, anal and oral sex. Bring some fantasy in your sexual life with a latino fuck doll. They are hot and ready for everything ! If you are into latin girls, this collection is made for you.

Your latino sex dolls is realistic and customizable

Your latino sex doll is fully articulated, thanks to her sophisticated metal skeleton. They can hold many different sexual positions. They also can stand on themselves if you go for the “standing foot” option.
Those hispanic dolls are also fully customizable. You can choose the wig, the color of the eyes, the type of vagina (built in or removable), the manicure and much more.
Made of silicone or TPE, the skin is as realistic as the skin of a real latina woman.

About the skin tone

Keep in mind that all our dolls, including dolls from non-latina collections, can actually have been turned into “latino”. Indeed, you can choose the skin tone, from pale to dark brown. The breast size is also customizable. We do have flat chested dolls and (very) busty dolls as well.

Your latina love doll is shipped discreetly !

All our latino sex dolls are shipped discreetly. The package is 100% blank, no one can wonder what is inside. All our prices are shipping included and we pay for any import tax or customs duties that may be applied.

Choose your options below to customize your doll before your purchase !

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From: $1,790
165cm (5ft5in) H-Cup
From: $1,490 $1,390
165cm (5ft5in) G-Cup
From: $2,490
4ft8in (145cm) C Cup Sex Doll
From: $2,490
5ft (155cm) E Cup TPE Sex Doll