Discover our collection of wigs for sex doll. All the sex dolls you can find on our website have a switchable wig. Indeed, you can change the wig of your love doll very easily.

We have a lot of different hair style and hair color available :

  • Short black
  • Long back
  • Short blonde
  • Long blonde
  • Short red
  • Long red
  • Wavy hair style
  • Curly hair style
  • Fantasy (blue, red or purple)

Important notice : if you don’t have a sex doll yet, you don’t need to buy an extra wig, as when you buy your love doll from us, you can choose the wig for free. It is a free option. This page is only useful if you want to get an extra wig for the doll you already have. Please take a look at one of our realistic sex doll to see how it looks.

Please find below our collection of sex doll wigs :

Choose your options below to customize your doll before your purchase !

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