Dress your sex doll in sexy clothes!

For a lot of men, a woman dressed in a sexy outfit has more sex appeal than a naked woman. This is something, at My Silicone Love Doll that we understand and that is why we have created this product category.
There are no “specific” clothes for sex dolls because sex dolls have realistic bodies, they can be a dress with real women’s clothes.

What kind of clothes should I avoid for my sex doll?

You should avoid too tight clothes like :

  • Leather
  • Jeans

Because those kinds of outfits are very tight, the color of the clothes may fade on the skin. If it happens, no worries, we will explain below how to solve that.

The clothes fade to the skin, what to do?

If you see that the color of the fabric has faded to your sex doll’s skin, you can remove it by using a stain remover. Put the product on your finger and gently apply it to the stain in a circular fashion. The stain should progressively disappear.

Important notice!
Whatever the kind of clothes you use for your love doll, when you don’t use the doll, remove all the clothes, as the fabric may fade on the skin if the clothes and the skin touch each other for too long.

Where to buy clothes for sex dolls?

Everywhere! In a clothing store or on Amazon. An outfit for real women will fit a sex doll as well, as a realistic sex doll has the same body proportion as a real person.

And because there is many different female body type, we have many different sex dolls body type: short, tall, skinny, fitness, BBW

We usually wrote the body’s measurement on each doll’s page to help you to find the right clothes size.

Discover our collection of sex doll clothes

Discover our collection of sex doll clothes. Dress up your sex doll the way you want with our sexy outfits: lingerie, costumes, office lady, cosplay, Japanese students uniform, maid, flight attendant, soldier, sexy secretary. etc …

On this page, you will find some sexy clothes you can use to dress your realistic sex doll. Use those costumes to free your sexual fantasy!

Here are our costumes :

Japanese Schoolgirl & Hentai Stuff

We have to admit, this is one of our customer favorite. Indeed, the Japanese student uniform is maybe one of the most popular men fantasy. We also do have kimono.

Office Lady / Sexy Secretary

Boring at work ? Need a blowjob under the desk ? Transform your doll into the secretary that all white collar dream about. Ask her to make you a coffee, and something more … She will do anything you want to get a pay increase. And by “anything” we mean ANYTHING !

Lingerie / Bikini / Panties / Underwear

Simple dress, easy to carry, comfy. Your sex doll will feel at her ease.

Cosplay (Nurse, Air Hostess, Flight Attendant, Maid)

We also have many sexy costumes (also known as “cosplay”) to turn your sex doll into the woman of your dream.

Please note that these photos are provided by costumes manufacturer and are subject to slight changes from the pictures as they improve the quality year after year. Therefore, real models as human models (and not our dolls) are wearing the outfits in pictures, the garments are well suited for all love dolls.

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