Looking to buy a sex doll head alone ? Want a blowjob ? All our sex dolls have a switchable head. You can change the head of your sex doll anytime. How about having sex with a different girl every night ? Feel free your fantasy ! All our made of TPE sex dolls head have an openable mouth so it means they are ready for oral sex ! You have 5 minutes free ? Why not have a blowjob with a sex doll head ?

BUT you need to check the brand of your doll first, as a body from a brand A may not be compatible with a head from a brand B. So, in order to avoid any mistake, we ask our customer to contact us first via our contact form.

Please tell us the brand of your body, and we will send you a list of all compatible heads.
Beside the head itself, wigs and eyes are switchable as well. Please let us know what eye color you are looking for, and what kind of wig you prefer, and we will see what we can do for you.

We sell sex doll extra heads (with eyes and wig) for $350, shipping included. Blowjobs on demand !

Choose your options below to customize your doll before your purchase !
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