You do not have the budget yet to buy a full size realistic sex doll ? Why not start with something cheaper ? We have gather here all our sex dolls under $500. For that price, here is what you can buy :

Inflatable Love Dolls & Blow Up Dolls

Those inflatables sex dolls are actually not totally inflatable, they are “semi solid” which means the most interesting parts are not blow up but made of solid material like TPE or silicone. By “most interesting body parts” we mean : Vagina , mouth and feet. Of course, the vagina can be penetrated.

Sexy Body Parts : Ass & Boobs

We also have body parts of sex dolls, like vagina (with or without pubic hair), ass (white or black). Vagina and ass can be penetrated. You also can find here realistic breasts made of TPE, a silicone derivative.. A very effective stress ball !

For Fetichists : Feet & Hands

We did not forget our fetichists friends with our collection woman feet and woman hands made of TPE (thermoplastic Elastomer), a silicone-like material.

Some Sex Dolls Accessories

We also have listed in this product category some accessories we sell for our realistic sex dolls, like wigs (black, red, blonde, brunette, brown …), eyes (we have 3 colors : blue, brown, green), repair kit (in case you sex doll is damaged), cleaning kit (in case your sex doll is stained) and some sexy clothes to free your sexual fantasies (Japanese schoolgirl, nurse cosplay, office lady, bikini, sexy underwear, soldier cosplay, sexy fancy dress, panties, sexy lingerie, air intendant cosplay etc …).

You will find below all our sex dolls under $500 :

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