Momoko 158cm JOY Sex Doll

5ft2in (158cm) D-Cup TPE Sex Doll

From $1,490

From $1,490

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This Japanese love doll always dreamt of moving to the United States

Standing at 5ft 2inches (158 cm) and weighing 30.8Ibs (66 kg) with a gorgeous D-Cup bust, Momoko is the ideal Asian fuck doll that will pleasure you till you drop. Made from human-like TPE material, Momoko resembles your modern-day woman. Her skin features some blemishes that are a characteristic of the material which makes her more natural and real.

Born and bred in Japan, Momoko sex doll always dreamt of moving to the United States. She claims that she always wanted to experience “the land of the free.” Without anything else to help her move to the States, Momoko concentrated in class as that was the only ticket to her trip from Japan. “I studied very hard to get a scholarship to study in America,” she starts. Luckily for her, she got the scholarship and is now living her dream.

“I love fucking. In fact, I live for it.”

Currently studying law, this beauty is also a private playgirl. She says that she has an untamable thirst for sex which is why you’ll find her servicing her private clients in their homes over the weekend. “I love fucking. In fact, I live for it.” Can your quench this Asian beauty’s thirst for a hard dick? Go ahead, give her the dick and let’s decide afterwards.

Back in Japan, she was brought up in a very cultured family which explains why she worked very hard to come to America and experience all that she had lost. “I’m always looking forward to the weekend so that I can have the best moment of my week.”

Do you want to experience this Asian fuck doll?

We got you. I’ll hook you up and see whether you can bang her like she’s yearning for. You know what? Fuck her good, and she’s yours! That shouldn’t be a problem, right?

According to Momoko, she’d leave school for a good regular dick. Imagine having this Asian beauty all by yourself and taking advantage of her anytime you want? She likes it that way. Momoko has also admitted that she loves anal penetration and is looking to try interracial sex. Quite a relief; you don’t have to worry about being Asian.

Now that you have her, unravel her slowly as you fondle her boobs passionately. She’s reaching out to your zipper; let her suck that hard dick dry. Finger her slowly as you prepare to launch your dick inside her already wet vagina. Slide into her slowly as you watch her cry for help; she wants it rough. Thump her hard against the wall as you switch in between different positions; she’s flexible.

She’s yours already; she liked the dick and Isn’t willing to let it go.

This Asian fuck doll can pleasure you with all her holes; the vagina, anal, and the mouth. Additionally, her orifices are specially crafted to increase the grip during sex thus heightening the pleasure. Momoko is articulated with a steel skeleton and a series of movable joints. The skeleton helps her to maintain an upright posture while the joints enhance her flexibility. Be sure to try numerous sex positions with her.

So, what are you waiting for? Get this Asian beauty and let her unravel for you the bundle of joy.


Lovely TPE doll, very beautifull doll with realistic looking, customize your love doll with your favorite combination of hair skin color and eyes... Enjoy a fantasy erotic experience with our real dolls.


  • Lifelike Sexual oral, vaginal & anal holes.
  • Soft realistic TPE skin.
  • Metallic Skeleton 100% articulated.
  • Free discreet shipping, learn more.

We love all of our dolls here at MySiliconeLoveDoll, but we are blown away by these girls who blur the lines of reality bringing you the most realistic sexual experience you can imagine.

Main Features

Dimension & Weight

  • Height: 5ft2in (158cm)
  • Weight: 66lbs (30.8kg)
  • Breast: D-Cup
  • Bust: 31.5in (80cm)
  • Under Bust: 24.4in (62cm)
  • Waist: 19.6in (50cm)
  • Hips: 31.5in (80cm)

Sexual Holes

  • Vaginal Sex: 6.7in (18cm)
  • Anal Sex: 6.2in (16cm)
  • Oral depth: 5in (13cm)


  • Soft realistic TPE skin
  • Metallic Skeleton 100% articulated
Package Size: 150*45*30cm


Shipping Cost

We offer FREE SHIPPING worldwide.

Special Arrangements For Discreet Shipping

By default the shipping company will ship the doll to the "shipping address" of your order. If you want it, we can give special instructions to the shipping company:
  • They can either ship your doll at a specific time
  • OR you can come to pick it up at a nearby post office
For these special requests, please leave us a note in the "order note" field, while you place the order. Alternatively, please send us an email at contact [at] after your order. In any case, your anonymity is our number 1 priority. We keep things as discreet as things need to be. The package will be in a neutral box. Outside the box, absolutely nothing shows it is a sex doll. Only you will know that there is a sex doll inside. packaging sex doll  

Shipping Destinations

We can ship your sex doll in most countries, including NORTH AMERICA, EUROPE, AUSTRALIA & ASIA. Even if we live in a remote location in one of these regions, we can still ship your doll to your address. Please note that because of local laws we cannot ship to Islamic countries.

Shipping Companies

We use DHL and FEDEX to ship your order. fedex dhl logo


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