Affordable Sex Doll

4ft7in (140cm) Mini Doll For Vaginal Sex

From 1190 $990

From 1190 $990

  • Please note that the doll head in the images below does NOT represent the head of your new doll. These images are used to show you how the wig will look when placed on a doll. All dolls are shipped with the head displayed in the image gallery to the left.

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  • Please not that this selection of outfits is not available for BBW Sex Dolls.

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Affordable sex doll, sexy and nymphomaniac

It’s not so easy to stay too close from Naoko, she’s always hot and ready for some intercourse at all time and all places. Maybe public area makes her super excited. This affordable sex doll is ready to give you a lot of pleasure.

Anyway, this lovely TPE mini sex doll take off her panties as fast as light, her crotch is already wet and her voice is whispering obscenities in your ear… what do you wait for ?


Lovely TPE doll, very beautifull doll with realistic looking, customize your love doll with your favorite combination of hair skin color and eyes... Enjoy a fantasy erotic experience with our real dolls.


  • Lifelike Sexual oral, vaginal & anal holes.
  • Soft realistic TPE skin.
  • Metallic Skeleton 100% articulated.
  • Free discreet shipping, learn more.

We love all of our dolls here at MySiliconeLoveDoll, but we are blown away by these girls who blur the lines of reality bringing you the most realistic sexual experience you can imagine.

Main Features

Dimension & Weight

  • Height: 4ft7in (140cm)
  • Weight: 51lbs (24.5kg)
  • Breast: F-Cup
  • Bust: 30in (75cm)
  • Waist: 17in (45cm)
  • Hips: 30in (75cm)

Sexual Holes

  • Vaginal Sex: 6.7in (18cm)
  • Anal Sex: 6.2in (16cm)
  • Oral depth: 5in (13cm)


  • Soft realistic TPE skin
  • Metallic Skeleton 100% articulated

Vagina & Anal photos



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