Have you ever wanted to know what is a sex doll ?

Everything you always wanted to know about sex dolls (but were afraid to ask)!

The short answer.: A sex doll is a perfect replica of a human (female or male) body that is capable of sex.

And for those who want to know more, here is the long answer :

Beginners’ Guide to Real Sex Doll

Are you interested in buying yourself a brand new sex doll? Or, are you curious about what is a real sex doll and do you want to learn more about life-size sex dolls? Wondering how to have fun with a sex doll? Or maybe you’re just looking to learn more about the different types of love dolls and would like some help or guidelines to better decide which sex doll you should be buying. You’re in luck, you’ve stumbled on the right page and will quickly be able to understand the different sex doll options available for you right now on the market.
Before we start, the fact is that love dolls are more than a simple toy. Nowadays, love dolls are so well crafted that you should think of real dolls as pieces of art or as maybe as a fancy model built for you and ready to please you at any time. Below you’ll find answers to some of the most common questions about sex dolls.


What is a sex doll ?

Real sex dolls are some of the hottest ladies on the planet turned into full-size sex toys. Their bodies are copied on real-life human measurements and their style is as appealing as the lady of your dreams, and that is from all angles. Love dolls are designed from their head to their toes to be really looking like real women, and even real men.
Everyone is attracted to their own specific body types, eyes, hairstyle, skin color, outfit, and more. Well, that’s why with so many different preferences the best sex dolls can be customized to your desire. You simply select the body type you’re more thrilled about. It can range from a cute, petite Asian up to a big beautiful black woman. No matter which partner you’ll be selecting, all love dolls are ready to be your bedtime partner and fulfill your most exotic sex ideas.
The most common real dolls are like real humans. They come with an entire body and offer all the anatomical body parts you would expect in a sex doll. They’re ready to be in action with all 3 functional holes from the mouth, the vagina, and the butthole. The lighter version of a real sex doll is a partial doll. We offer a sex doll torso that comes without the long legs or the silicone legs which go from waist to toes.
Do not confuse sex dolls with sex robots. Although they’re made from the same TPE material, sex robots are much more expensive and are not yet as good-looking as real dolls. On the other hand, they offer touch sensors, voice communication, and emotional facial expression.
We wrote a dedicated article about the history of love dolls if you want to know more about that part.

How do we make our sex dolls ?

It is important to know that all our sex dolls are made to order. This means your doll will be created from scratch with all the options you’ll be selecting on our website. In other words, your doll is not sitting in a warehouse for months or years waiting to be desired. You always get a brand new freshly fabricated love doll designed with your requirements. Here are the few steps that will come into play after you order your sex doll.
  • Step 1. Depending on which material you have selected, Silicone or TPE material will be poured into a mold shape of the desired sex doll. The skin color will be arranged at the same time in the process. Our manufacturers will also assemble the various body parts such as the trunk, hands, feet, and the pretty face you have selected.
  • Step 2. The skeleton will then be arranged by hand. Most manufacturers are using PVC pipes and steel joints and others are using lightweight metal. The majority of the body parts are designed to move like a real human. This will make your doll flexible enough to do a wide variety of positions you may have in mind.
  • Step 3. Once the TPE material or the silicone has cooled down, the mold will be removed and the manufacturer will begin molding the love doll by hand.
  • Step 4. After assembling the doll’s frame and body together, the sex doll must be cleaned. Some manufacturers prefer to have a very shiny and smooth finish that gives a very glossy look to the sex doll’s skin. It’s very attractive and looks like she’s ready for a photoshoot.
  • Step 5. The sex doll will be inspected thoroughly and any rough edges will be removed. The doll will be washed one more time before we add the genital parts. The enhanced mouth, anus, and vagina will be added and cleaned again too.
  • Step 6. Your love doll will be inspected one more time, before carefully being packaged and shipped quickly to you via express air mail. We know you’ve been waiting almost 2 weeks for her to be manufactured and you want her to come home as soon as possible.

How should I use my sex doll?

Now that you know more about the basics, you might be wondering how will it be to be with and sex doll and how does it work?

Well, you probably have a little idea of the fun things you want to do with your sex dolls, but let’s look at all the options. As you already know, the doll can take most positions you can imagine. She can also have sex in all 3 holes and her hands can also be put in a masturbation position and hold on firmly to you. The fingers are fully functional, just like a real human. That’s why we call them real dolls.
It’s all about your personal pleasure. No need to worry too much about your sex dolls, it is there to live up to your sexual fantasies. The only thing you may want to be careful of is water. We do not suggest showering or bath with a sex doll. As you learned earlier, their skeleton is made of a metal frame and if there is any water infiltration you may reduce the longevity of your sexual partner.
We wrote a dedicated article about how to use a love doll.

What does a sex doll’s skin feels like?

Sex dolls are made of either modern TPE or silicone materials. Those two materials are specifically chosen because they’re smooth to the touch and mimic a realistic human’s
skin. Some people love to add baby powder to make them feel even smoother.

How much is a Real Love Doll?

This is usually the question that matters the most. How much does it cost to have a good quality sex doll?

Standard Dolls :
They’re not customizable and are made from different materials that may have a strong plastic smell. You can find those on amazon for very cheap. People usually buy them as a joke for bachelor’s party and are commonly called blow-up dolls. Cost: $50 – $500
High Quality Sex Dolls :
They’re the real dolls you can find on our website. They’re customizable and made from quality material like TPE or silicone. Those dolls look like top models and are the most realistic dolls on the market, Depending on the model, options and accessories you’ll be selecting, they can have a wide price range because of the amount of options: moaning, heating, standing feet, eye color, pubic hair, hairstyle and more. Cost: $500 – $3,000
Fully Realistic Sex Dolls with Artificial Intelligence :
Intelligent sex dolls are very innovative with many human like features like facial expressions and touch sensors. They are highly customizable. Almost any part of the doll can be modified. You can even request for freckles, piercings, tattoos or anything you can imagine. They look, act and feel like a real human. They can share different levels of emotions and make you feel like you’re pleasing the sexiest woman on the planet. Cost: $4,000 – $20,000