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Our visit to the WM Dolls factory

wm dolls factory

This was it. The day we had been waiting for. We were finally going to visit the WM Dolls factory! They are the biggest doll manufacturer in all of China, operating from within a four story building in Songshan, with over 150 employees. Many of our dolls come from them. We started our journey from Hong Kong, we took the train to Guangzhou. There, we took a bus to Songshan. We met up with Sam, the manager of WM Dolls. He took us out for lunch before he drove us to the factory. We were so excited to get there. When we arrived at the factory, we were amazed over how incredibly large it was.

The WM Dolls Showroom

Sam gave us a full tour of the facility, starting with the showroom. All these dolls were here to greet us.

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The Sex Doll Engineering Department

Next up was the engineering department, where they design all of their love dolls. Followed by the room where they keep the moulds. This is where the dolls are actually constructed, from scratch. The manufacturing process is quite advanced. First they make the initial moulding of the doll’s body, one half at a time. Front and rear. After that they add additional layers of material over it. The last layer is the TPE skin which is the only thing you will be able to see and touch on the finished product. After that they place the metal skeleton inside of the mould. Lastly, they add the second half of the doll’s body and smelt it together.

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The completed bodies are transported into another area where they are being perfected by hand. Removing all of the leftover pieces of TPE/silicone from the bodies. Same thing goes for the heads. Make up and eye lashes are put on by hand. When the bodies have been perfected, they are wrapped in plastic and transported into the storage area on the next floor, using a huge elevator.

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The Sex Doll Storage Area

Entering the storage area for sex dolls was the most impressive part of the tour. This is where all of the complete bodies are being stored. So many dolls ready to be shipped out. It was truly overwhelming. Hundreds of bodies all over the floor and hundreds of heads crammed together on racks along the wall. This was so cool to see, we just had to film it. Last stop of the tour was the packaging room. This is where each doll is being placed inside a cardboard box before being shipped.

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Funny thing is, we also visited another WM Dolls factory on the same day. They have such huge demands on dolls that they had to open a second factory in the same town. After spending the entire day looking at dolls, we were tired and hungry. Sam took us to a nice restaurant, then dropped us off at a mansion which we rented for the night. This was an extraordinary experience. We got to see all that we came for. Better than Disneyland!

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