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Virtual Reality Sex Dolls – The Future?

Are we moving away from real life sex dolls to some in the realm of virtual reality?  According to this article on bbc it just might be.  Not only would it make sex dolls more accessible but it would also save up on the costs.  But would it be all rosy and dandy?

Well it depends on what people like.  Do they want something more  surreal…or unreal?  Let’s take a deeper look as to what the pros and cons of this new VR technology, shall we?

The Pros of Virtual reality

Create whichever scenario you want

Imagine having complete control over where you have sex and who you have sex with.  In the real world it would take money and time to set that up (and depending on who your ideal partner is…it would take a miracle!) 😉


Picture a blond in an exotic location…

One of the biggest appeals of the virtual reality world is how easy things become.  Why toil over going to the most exotic destination on the planet if you can do so in a virtual reality setting?  Why deal with countless (and insensitive) rejections when you can have her now all to yourself online?

Isn’t this why most of us love sex dolls?  They have the physical attributes we admire in women plus are so much easier (and simpler) to take care of.  Not only that but we can do what we want.  Speaking of doing what we want…

Saves us from embarrassment to downright crime

Let’s be honest with ourselves…we all have those hidden fantasies we want to make come true.  Some are too embarrassing to mention (after all – why put yourself through judgment when you don’t have to?)  Others are…well…downright criminal.  Some things you can’t even do with dolls – such as pedophilia.  In fact in this article a man is going to trial for owning a child like sex doll.   Would the same be the case online?

Highly unlikely.  In the virtual reality world you can play whichever scenario you want and as long as no one in the real world knows about it…it’s all okay!  Imagine playing the love doll version of GTA in a world that only you can see (or have access to.)  This is a freedom that VR can offer us.

Looks like a hell of a lot of fun

Let’s face it – what warm blooded sexually active male wouldn’t want to give this a go?  It sounds like gaming but with a more….sensual form of satisfaction.   Even if this is just for kicks…would you refuse an invitation from a friend who says “Hey man, wanna check out this new VR sex doll toy I got?”  Granted if your friend even thought of inviting you to this…he is a cool friend! 😉

Now this all sounds well and good doesn’t it?  So far so good and VR love-making can only bring good things, right?  Well yes and no.  Like anything there are pros and cons.  So let’s go into the cons of this exciting new technology, shall we?

The Cons of Virtual Reality

Another dangerous step away from the real world

Did you ever see the movie “Inception”?  It’s a movie where the main characters can enter dreams and be aware that they are in the dream world.  When you watch this movie you find yourself thinking “oh wow this is so cool!”  Yes it is but…remember the scene where they are in the basement?  There’s a scene where men are lying in a bed attached to this machine that sends them to the dream world.

The person hosting this says that they no longer know which world is the real world and which one is the dream world.  Could this happen to people who are into love dolls? Well according to this article from the APA – pornography already hinders real life relationships.  It’s safe to assume that having glasses that put it in your face (while even feeling a synthetic doll) will take you even further.

If the price of having an amazing virtual sex life is to lose out on anything in the real world (even with dolls but without the glasses)…would it be worth it in the end?  It’s up to the user but this is a real price to pay.  Who would be able to bring you back to the real world?  Would your friends tell you that you’re going too far with this sex doll VR stuff?  Would they know?  I can tell you who will know…

The Government and Third Party Users Will Know

Let’s face it – the government has access to everything.  It might not want to access everything but if they’re in the mood…it will.  Would you be okay with the government knowing about what you like to do in the Virtual real world?  If what you’re into is something…well…questionable (even criminal)…would you want to leave an information footprint?  Today with the internet we have some protection…but what about new technologies?

Let’s say the government is too busy…what about third parties or hackers?  We can only imagine how mentally vulnerable we are to being in the VR world.  Our brains can’t tell the difference between VR and the real thing (which is why dreams and imagined fears can appear to be so real.)  Would you want your brain in that state and in the hands of some random third party?  If this isn’t a cause for concern there is more

Unknown Dangers Await

Take on the VR world and you are automatically a pioneer.   As a pioneer you will face many unknown dangers.  This might excite you but many potential consumers just want to have a good time…would they get more than they bargained for?  Let’s say they’re in trouble…who could they talk to?

Would Society accept it?

Thinking about trying out the latest sex doll in a VR setting?  Men are rushing to get their hands on it.  Why wouldn’t they?  The promise of amazing sex wherever and with whomever we want is what keeps men striving and accomplishing for more.   We are sexual beings and those of us who can harness this sexual energy and put it to good use do very well.  But if there’s a short cut?  What if all it takes today is a VR headset and a love doll?  Would our ever-demanding society be okay with that?  Not to mention the social implications of it.  It could mean having many men logging out of the real world.  We now enter the world of individual freedom of choice vs what’s best for the group.  As we move forward let’s remember that in the end of the day there is no substitute for the real world.


One thought on “Virtual Reality Sex Dolls – The Future?

  1. jarem

    interesting prospective on virtual reality and sex doll
    I think for now sex doll will remain the most practical way men can get easy sex.
    virtual reality tech is not ready yet and by the time it get so goods that its better than real life I think its going to be very long
    so long live our sex dolls !


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