Realistic Sex Dolls

TPE Realistic Sex Dolls

Realistic Sex Doll - Ball Socket Joint

Here’s MSLD collection of high quality TPE realistic sex dolls. This range stands out by the realism of its dolls which support a 2nd generation metal skeleton that better replicates the natural movements of human. Those joints are structurally replicating human ball socket joint that exists in humans hip and shoulder.

realistic sex dolls - labia detailsThose external appearance as well was the object of the same ambitions and the level of labia and anal details are unparalleled in the market. The skin texture also closely mimic the touch of human skin.


These specificities are the reasons why those dolls decidedly deserve to be named MSLD realistic sex dolls.

Due to the Chinese New Year Holiday, Estimated Delivery Times Are:
Orders Placed Jan 15th - 31st: Late February. Orders Placed Feb 1st - 28th: Mid March.
Exceptions aside, orders will be shipped in the order in which they were received.