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Real Sex Dolls

Real Sex Dolls: Lifelike TPE dolls

Here’s MSLD collection of high quality TPE realistic sex dolls. The Real Sex Dolls category stands out for the realism of its dolls which support a 2nd generation metal skeleton that replicates faithfully the natural movements of the human body.

Those joints structurally built like human ball socket joint function like those found in human’s hip and shoulder. Those joints allow dolls to take postures that are most expressive. Subtle shoulder positions in particular as well wider changes of the head can make a hell of difference in the expression of a doll.
External details were also was the object of the same quest of perfection. That can be seen in the level of details in labia and anal designs, unparalleled in the market. The skin texture also closely resembles that of human skin in touch, appearance and feel. One aspect that makes nature so distinguishable from man made products are imperfections. And that is particularly true of skin. The small imperfections of the skin are among the most difficult characteristics of human to replicate. In computer generated images as well as for dolls, the same challenge arises.  
These specificities are the reasons why those dolls decidedly deserve to be named the Real Sex Dolls.

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