Small Sex Doll Skye

A Small & Lovely 4ft 5in (136cm) High Doll To Keep You Company!

From $1,790

From $1,790

  • Please note that the heads shown in below wig pictures are for illustration purposes only.
    The head of your doll might be different.

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Key Features

  • Height: 4ft 5in (136cm)
  • 3d Realistic Sexual Holes (Oral, Vaginal & Anal)
  • Material: Soft TPE

A Small 4ft 5in high sex doll

Enjoy one of our small sex doll. Let Skye’s bright blond hair and angel eyes take you to heaven. Imagine passing your hand through her long hair as you place her mouth right where you want it.

Get ready for solid pussy pleasure as you stick your finger up Skye’s perfectly shaped asshole. Join Skye in the mile high club.

How you’d want her to look? Fancy big blue eyes? How about her baby cream face? What hair color turns you on more with her? Decide now how hot you’d want her to be. You can even choose how you’d want her to dress…and undress…

Thankfully her petite size allows you to store her conveniently. You can slot her in your closet or under your bed. If you’re up to it you can sleep with her by your side too!

Dimension & Weight

  • Material: Soft TPE
  • Height: 4ft 5in (136cm)
  • Weight: 44lbs (21.5kg)
  • Bust: 26in (66cm)
  • Waistline : 27in (71cm)
  • Hips : 17in (44cm)
  • Oral sex
  • Vaginal sex
  • Anal sex
  • Wig can be changed at any time
  • Hair color customizable
  • Eye color customizable

Please note that our dolls can’t stand by themselves.