Silicone & TPE Sex Doll Comparison

Want To buy a sex doll but you are not sure which one is your favorite? Please find below a table comparing all our silicone & TPE sex dolls. If you want to have more information about a specific doll, you just need to click on the doll’s name and it will take you to its product page. You can also sort the table according to the criteria you care about. For example, if you want to sort our sex doll by height, click on the header of the column “height”. You can also use the search input field on the right to search for any other keyword.

If you want to purchase a sex doll but you are not sure which one is for you, do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form or call us on our US phone number (number is displayed on top of the page). We will make our best to find the doll that best suits your needs.

Doll's nameHeightWeightBustWaistHipsVaginaAnalOralPrice
Ashley5ft 1in (155cm)57lbs (26kg)32.6in (83cm)15.7in (40cm)29.5in (75cm)YesYesYes$2950 USD
Asian office lady5ft 2in (158cm)66lbs (30kg)32.3in (82cm)23.2in (59cm)31.9in (81cm)YesYesYes$3900 USD
Japanese schoolgirl5ft 2in (158cm)66lbs (30kg)32.3in (82cm)23.2in (59cm)31.9in (81cm)YesYesYes$3900 USD
Caucasian love doll5ft 2in (158cm)66lbs (30kg)32.3in (82cm)23.2in (59cm)31.9in (81cm)YesYesYes$3900 USD
Japanese woman5ft 2in (158cm)66lbs (30kg)32.3in (82cm)23.2in (59cm)31.9in (81cm)YesYesYes$3900 USD
Candy4ft 1in (125cm)44lbs (20kg)26.37in (67cm)20.86in (53cm)28.74in (73cm)YesYesYes$1990 USD
Jenny4ft 1in (125cm)44lbs (20kg)26.37in (67cm)20.86in (53cm)28.74in (73cm)YesYesYes$1990 USD
Viola4.5 feet (135cm)61lbs (28kg)30in (78cm)22.83 in (58cm)33.46 in (85cm)YesYesYes$2900 USD
Hitomi4ft 5in (136cm)52.8lbs (24kg)36B20.9in (53cm)29.5in (75cm)YesYesYes$2900 USD
Yumiko5ft 1in (154cm)57.2lbs (26kg)36B21.7in (55cm)32.7in (83cm)YesYesYes$3400 USD
Katarina5ft 6in (168cm)83.6lbs (38kg)36H26.8in (68cm)40.9in (104cm)YesYesYes$3400 USD
Kimi4ft 9in (145cm)59.4lbs (27kg)31.5in (80cm)20.5in (52cm)32.3in (82cm)YesYesYes$2500 USD
Akira5ft (153cm)63.8lbs (29kg)30.7in (78cm)22in (56cm)32.2in (82cm)YesYesYes$2500 USD
Daisy5ft 4in (163cm)70.4lbs (32kg)32.3in (82cm)24.4in (62cm)32.3in (82cm)YesYesYes$2950 USD
Katsumi4ft 5in (135cm)55lbs (25kg)30in (76cm)22in (56cm)30.3in (77cm)YesYesYes$2200 USD
Talya5ft 2in (158cm)66lbs (30kg)33.6in (85.5cm)22.8in (60.5cm)33.8in (86cm)YesYesYes$2800 USD
Vanessa4ft 7in (140cm)50.7lbs (23kg)28.5in (72cm)20in (51cm)29.1in (74cm)YesYesYes$2290 USD
Yumi3ft 3in (100cm)26.5lbs (12kg)24in (63cm) or 22in (56cm)15in (38cm)23in (60cm)YesYesYes$1490 USD
Katty2 feet 7½ (80cm)10lbs (4.5kg)15in (38cm)10.6in (27cm)15.7in (40cm)YesNoNo$990 USD
Mini 65cm25.6in (65cm)5.5lbs (2.5kg)13.8in (35cm)9in (23cm)13.4in (34cm)YesNoNo$790 USD