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This is an unprecedented time in our history. The COVID-19 pandemic is having an impact on the health of our loved ones and the way we live our daily lives. As we all join in the fight against this invisible enemy by reducing our human interactions, My Silicone Love Doll is committed to helping you turn that moment into something as sexually pleasurable as possible.

Some of you may be forced to stay home, alone, so why not find comfort in the arms of a realistic sex doll? A gorgeous and sexy companion always ready to please you in these trying times. A sex doll that fits your unique preferences, whether you prefer big breasted BBW sex dolls with breast cups above D-cup, or an exotic Japanese sex doll with smooth and silky skin, we offer these sex dolls on sale at huge discount.

And if you are a couple, these extraordinary times may be met with extraordinary measures. So why not turn some of your wildest sexual fantasies into reality?

In these extraordinary times, get $150 discount OFF on these 16 best sellers sex dolls from WM Doll. This coupon will be automatically added to your cart, and it will even works on our sex dolls that are already on sales !

  • Sale! Briana the school teacher love doll From 1990 $1,790
    5ft2in (157cm) B-Cup
  • Sale! Paige the sex doll coming from space From 1990 $1,740
    5ft 5in (168cm) E-Cup
  • Sale! Real Sex Doll (Red haired, Meg) My Silicone Love Doll From 1990 $1,790
    5ft2in (157cm) B-Cup
  • Sale! From 1990 $1,790
    5ft5in (166cm) C-Cup
  • Sale! Dors is the best sexy doll agent of Los Angeles From 2190 $1,990
    163cm (5ft4in) H-Cup
  • Sale! BBW Sex Doll, 4ft2in(158cm) L-Cup From 1990 $1,790
    4ft2in (158cm) L-Cup
  • Sale! Kylie 157cm B-cup WM Love Doll From 1990 $1,790
    5ft2in (157cm) B-Cup
  • Kristana is the sweetest of our real love dolls From $1,990
    5ft2in (157cm) B-Cup
  • Dolly 173cm BBW sex doll with H-Cup breasts. From $1,890
    5ft8in (173cm) H-Cup TPE Sex Doll
  • Athena is a 172cm tall flat chested B-cup red haired sex doll From $1,790
    5ft7in (172cm) B-Cup TPE Sex Doll
  • Sale! BBW Sex Doll, 4ft2in(158cm) L-Cup From 1990 $1,790
    4ft2in (158cm) L-Cup
  • Sale! Life like sex doll abby From 1990 $1,690
    5ft3in (160cm) D-Cup
  • High quality 162cm E-cup WM Cowgirl Sex Doll From $1,790
    5ft3in (162cm) E-Cup
  • Sale! Alyssa-blonde-sex-doll From 1990 $1,690
    5ft3in (160cm) D-Cup
  • Sale! American love doll, Alix winner of US Sex Dolls Idol From 1990 $1,790
    5ft2in (157cm) B-Cup
  • Sale! Jade 163cm WM BBW Sex Doll From 2190 $1,990
    163cm (5ft3in) H-Cup


Whether you are looking for a first or second sex doll, we always try to have some dolls on sale. We encourage you to visit this page regularly (add it to your bookmark !) because each month we highlight a selection of various dolls of different type (Asian, Japanese, Chinese, big tits, small tits, small, big, black etc …)

And if your budget is limited, take a look at our selection of sex doll less than 1,000 dollars made especially for you. In case it is your second order, do not hesitate to contact us, we will give you a discount coupon (voucher).We realize that buying a sex doll is a significant investment. It is not a simple trinket but a beautiful object of craftsmanship – art for some – and for some of them, some people have a deep attachment and sometimes even some affection.

After all, these sex dolls are called real sex doll because they are faithful and sublime replicas of women in silicone or TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer). Thanks to their articulated steel frame and their smooth skin, they will give you a sensual and sexual experience that will overwhelm you with pleasure.

Aware that the price can be a drag on the purchase, at My Silicone Love Doll we strive every day to find you the best prices in the market by negotiating with factories, developing partnerships and other promotions that allow us to transfer to you the cost savings that we are able to get. And sometimes, the success of a doll itself creates significant economies of scale, allowing us to offer you very competitive prices for the most popular of our real dolls. So do not make the mistake of turning away from special promotions as there is a high probability that you can find among them the best of dolls !

Discount on the price, not on the quality!

It is not impossible for sites to offer promotional dolls because they have manufacturing defects but it will never be our policy. Our policy is to only sell love dolls we are proud of, proud of their design, their beauty but also the usefulness and pleasure they can bring to everyone. And so, discounted dolls, like all our other dolls, are subject to the same quality control demands. With us, the discount will always be on the price and never on the quality!

The widest range, the best love dolls of the moment

As you may have noticed, we have an extensive range of sex dolls. It’s because we’ve spent more than 10 years building great working relationships with the world’s best realistic love dolls manufacturers. And every day, we continue this work in close collaboration with our partners to bring our customers the latest technical and aesthetic innovations to offer you the best sex dolls.

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