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Yumi Mini Doll Unboxing Video

  A customer sent us this video he took when he opened the box of Yumi. You can feel the excitement throughout the video ! We are so happy when we receive videos like this, so please do not hesitate to send us more like this :))

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The History Of Sex Dolls

Sex Dolls were first introduced in the 17th century for sailors Industrial revolution in the 19th century saw the first dolls made out of plastic and rubber In the 70’s silicone sex dolls were introduced From 2010, the price of sex dolls dropped significantly thanks to the development of a new material, TPE. Ultra realistic […]

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How To Explore & Buy Our Sex Dolls?

2 ways to explore our dolls: “All Sex Dolls” – head and body already chosen, and “Build Your Sex Doll” – head & body can be combined freely In both cases doll appearance is 100% customizable: skin color, eyes color, and more… Secure checkout process with clear steps, multiples payment options including credit card payments […]

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Our visit to the WM Dolls factory

This was it. The day we had been waiting for. We were finally going to visit the WM Dolls factory! They are the biggest doll manufacturer in all of China, operating from within a four story building in Songshan, with over 150 employees. Many of our dolls come from them. We started our journey from Hong Kong, we […]

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Silicone vs TPE Sex Dolls

Key Take-aways TPE skin is more realistic TPE is more affordable TPE is softer TPE is more flexible, allows easier handling of doll Silicone is more sticky than TPE, it feels like modeling clay, but can be fixed with baby powder Silicone dolls can take a hot bath, TPE dolls should not Both materials are hypoallergenic […]

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New Server – We are back online!

New Server, faster than ever

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How To Choose The Height & Weight Of A Sex Doll? From Mini to Full Size Sex Dolls

Key Take-aways Smaller dolls are lighter and easier to carry, but harder to find clothes for Full size sex dolls are heavier, but can wear regular women’s clothes Dolls above 100cm can have insertable vagina   When choosing a doll, one of the things you will have to take in consideration is the height. With the […]

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RealDoll and AI in Sex Dolls

Check out this intriguing video of how Matt McMullen (the CEO of RealDoll) is pioneering the way for the next generation of love dolls.

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Does Sex With Dolls Take Away The Human Side?

Check out this article that talks about how we continue to separate our sex lives with intimacy…or do we?

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Controversial Artificial Intelligence Into Realistic Sex Dolls

Will adding artificial intelligence to robots make our sex lives better?  Or make our normal lives worse?

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Virtual Reality Sex Dolls – The Future?

Are we moving away from real life sex dolls to some in the realm of virtual reality?

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Girls Having Fun With Sex Dolls

Check out these girls having fun with inflatable sex dolls of their own.

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