A realistic sex doll from WM Doll

A realistic sex doll from WM Doll

What is a realistic sex doll ?

Have you ever wanted to know what is a realistic sex doll ? Everything you always wanted to know about realistic sex dolls  aka real dolls (but were afraid to ask) is here !

Realistic sex dolls are some of the hottest ladies on the planet turned into full size sex toys. Their bodies are copied on real-life human measurements and their style is as appealing as the lady of your dreams, and that is from all angles. Those real sex dolls are designed from their head to their toes to be really looking like real women, and even real men

The time of inflatable sex dolls is over ! All the sex dolls you will find here are “solid” which means their body are not inflatable and are as realistic than the body of real women. Indeed, they are made of solid material like silicone or TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer). If you don’t know which material to choose, you can take a look at our guide silicone vs TPE dolls.

A realistic sex doll is fully articulated

The most common real dolls are like real humans. They come with an entire body and offer all the anatomical body parts you would expect in a sex doll. They’re ready to be in action with all 3 functional holes from the mouth, the vagina, and the butthole. The skeleton of a realistic sex doll is made of metal and is fully articulated. Feel free to try many different sexual positions that you may be afraid to try with a real life sexual partner ! They can even stand on their own if you choose to go for the “standing feet” options.

Fully articulated real sex doll from Piper Doll

The lighter version of a real sex doll is a partial doll. We offer a sex doll torso that comes without the long legs or the silicone legs which go from waist to toes.

A realistic sex doll is ready for vagina, anal and oral sex

Like with a real women, you can have sex with a realistic sex doll in different ways :
Vaginal and anal hole of a realistic sex doll

Vaginal and anal hole of a realistic sex doll



All our sex dolls have a realistic vagina, with labias. The most realistic even have inner and outer labias. The inside of the vagina is specially designed to tighten your penis and to give you the maximum of pleasure. The vagina can also come with pubic hairs or without (shaved).



A realistic sex doll also has an anal hole. So yes, your love doll is ready for anal sex !



All our TPE (but not our silicone dolls) are also capable of oral sex. Indeed, their mouths are openable and they never say no for a blowjob !

They are customizable

Of course, a realistic fuck doll is customizable. You can choose her wig, the color of her eyes, the tone of her skin, her manicure and even the color of her toenails ! Depending on the brand, many more customizable options are available (ie : with Piper Doll & Doll 4 Ever, you can choose the color of her labia).

Discover our collection of realistic sex dolls

At My Silicone Love Doll, we have a wide range of realistic sex dolls. We sell Caucasian, Asian, Black, skinny, fat, BBW, with big boobs or with small breasts (from A-Cup to N-Cup), short or tall sex dolls. All our dolls are shipped discreetly and we offer the shipping cost + any custom duties or import tax that may be applied. No hidden costs !