Silicone Sex Doll Erika 163cm F Cup

5ft3in (163cm) F Cup Silicone Sex Doll

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From $2,290

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Here is our silicone sex doll Erika. She has a realistic skin, an articulated steel frame and sexual orifices. Discreet delivery.

Click on the “Choose option” to take a look at all the customizable options. Wigs and eyes are easily switchable.


Height: 5ft3in (163cm)
Weight: 74lbs (35kg)
Breast Cup: F Cup

More dimensions

Bust: 32.6in (83cm)
Under bust: 24in (61cm)
Shoulder width: 12.9in (33cm)
Waist: 20.8in (53cm)
Hips: 36.2in (92cm)
Arm length: 24.8in (63cm)
Leg length: 35.4in (90cm)
Thigh circumference: 21.6in (55cm)
Calf circumference: 11.8in (30cm)
Hand : 5.9in (15cm)
Foot length : 8.2in (21cm)


High grade silicone skin
Metallic Skeleton 100% articulated

Sexual Holes

Vaginal depth: 7in (18cm)
Anal depth: 6.2in (16cm)

Package size

Gross weight: 90lbs (41kg)
Dimension : 150x43x32cm

This silicone real doll is shipped discreetly. The package is 100% blank, no one can wonder what is inside. All our prices are shipping included and we pay for any import tax or custom duties that may be applied.

Realistic vagina and anal holes made of silicone

realistic vagina made of silicone

realistic anus made of silicone

To tickle your fantasy, we have written a small story for each of our life size sex doll. Enjoy.

Erika, the Delicate Silicone Sex Doll

This delicate silicone sex doll is a dream silicone sex doll for whoever enjoys luxury and precious things. Intricately designed, Erika is synonymous with elegance. Like her seemingly naturally flowing hair yet undoubtedly intently design, Erica exudes an elegant yet natural composure without ostentation and yet always right to the point.

In her presence, everyone instinctively learns to behave with that same elegance, it’s almost contagious. Everything in Erica is synonymous with that art of living, of being. Every fibre of her body seems to be impregnated with that same intangible quality. Till the tips of her fingers which seem to dance, like in a ballet as she speaks with eloquence and retinue.

In bed, Erica is no different. She always keeps an astonishing balance between giving up to pleasure and some modest restraint. This ability also translates in the way she interacts with her lover. And keeps her partner at the tip of the edge until the unavoidable comes. Her bottom and bosom are like the most exquisite desserts. It’s almost unbearable to resist moving yourself towards those amazing curves. And our lips and tongue seems to find home only in the midst of those glorious mounts and valleys. And as we touch her with the tip of our tongue and feel the heat and the smooth and silk like skin silicone, it is only the start of a journey that knows no going back. Erika is decidedly that realistic sex doll, that goes beyond real and take us to the realm of dreams. When perfection just lies inches away from our earthly body.

This brunette Love doll is an incredible company for your nights… you may customize Erica with your favorite combination of hair skin color and eyes to fit your unique preferences.

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