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A large collection of fuck dolls, specially hand picked for their outright sex appeal. They stand out for their look, outfits and general outlook and their powerful ability to arouse unstoppable sexual desires. They are simply irresistible and your hands won’t be able to stay away from their smooth skin. One encounter with any of their representative reveals the full range of tactile experiences that dolls can provide. An unforgettable experience that has surprised countless men and women.  Such an event makes everyone want to seek for more. Doll fucking is indeed a pleasure that grows on you with practice and stay on engraved in the deepest corners of your being.

All our realistic fuck dolls feature the 3 sexual orifices you may need. A vagina, an anus and an openable mouth (for oral sex – blowjob). Their body is made of high grade TPE or in silicone. Those materials make the skin of our sex dolls as smooth as the skin of real woman. Thanks to their articulated steel frame, they can hold many different sexual positions.

All our real fuck dolls is shipped discreetly. The package is 100% blank, no one can wonder what is inside. All our prices are shipping included and we pay for any import tax or custom duties that may be applied.

Feel free to fulfill your sexual fantasies by dressing your sex dolls with sexy outfits. We have the Japanese student uniform, a kimono, sexy lingerie, nurse costume, maid costume, sexy secretary outfit etc…

Dimensions of sexual orifices

Vagina depth : 7in (18cm)
Anal depth :  6.7in (17cm)
Oral depth 5.5in (14cm)

Here are our realistic fuck dolls

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American Sex Doll Meisa

From: $1,490 $1,290
160cm (5ft2in) E-Cup

Sexy Ass Sex Doll Virginia – WM Doll

From: $1,790
165cm (5ft5in) D-Cup

Fucking Sex Doll Alessandra

From: $1,790
5ft2in (158cm) D-Cup

Adult love doll Katarina

From: $1,790
5ft6in (172cm) D Cup TPE Love Doll

Mia 160cm Love Doll

From: $1,490 $1,290
161cm (5ft3in) E-Cup Fitness Body

Fuck Doll Ashley, 158cm E-Cup

From: $1,690
158cm (5ft2in) E-Cup

Mini Fuck Doll

From: $1,090 $990
4ft7in (140cm) C-Cup

Japanese Fucking Doll Ayumi

From: $1,790
4ft7in (164cm) D-Cup Fucking Doll

Paula 150cm Real Sex Doll

From: $1,590 $1,490
150cm (4ft11) E-Cup

Valeria 150cm Real Sex Doll

From: $1,590
150cm (4ft11) E-Cup

Evelyn 150cm Real Sex Doll

From: $1,590
150cm (4ft11) E-Cup

May Big Boobs Sex Doll

From: $1,990 $1,790
148cm (4ft10in) L-Cup

Piper Doll Jessica Red Head Sex Doll

From: $1,790
150cm (4ft9in) K-Cup TPE Love Doll