Heating Sex Dolls

Heating Sex Dolls

Heating dolls are the Roll Royce of dolls. As a luxurious and premium item, you can expect a lot from these expensive love dolls.

Traditional Silicone love dolls are really great, but they would be even better if their skin could get warm. And that is why heating sex dolls were created: to make traditional dolls go from great to awesome!

As their name implies heating sex dolls can get warm. Thanks to an internal sophisticated mechanism, their breast and head are able to produce heat, making the company of these dolls very pleasant and reassuring.

Another key difference with other dolls is that heating sex dolls can also moan when having sex. Thanks to a remote device, you can conveniently switch the moaning on and off. This, plus the heating feature makes having sex with heating sex dolls an incredibly enjoyable and realistic experience.

Finally, like our other love dolls and mini sex dolls, you can do anal, vaginal and also oral sex (oral depending on the options you choose, more on each heating doll page).

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