Paying with a credit card

At MySiliconeLoveDoll we offer two payment options one of which is to pay by credit card via PayPal.
To avoid any confusion about this option we’ve decided to run through the process here.
First things first, all of our credit card payments are processed by PayPal, but you DO NOT need a PayPal account to pay by credit card.
The reason we chose PayPal to process our payments is due to their impressive security measures which offer both customer (that’s you) and retailer (that’s us) unsurpassed levels of protection.

So how does it work?


Choose your doll and add her to your cart.

Every doll has the option to ‘add to cart.’ Once you do this, the site will redirect you to your cart where you can choose to update the number of dolls, apply a coupon, or continue shopping.


Proceed to checkout

Once you are happy with your choice, you can hit the ‘proceed to checkout button. This will redirect you to the Billing details page.


Fill in your billing details

Please make sure that you fill in the correct billing details for the card you intend to use. On this page, you can also specify an alternative shipping address if it is different from your billing address. Once done you can opt to create an account. There is no need to do so, but we thought that some customers might find this option convenient.


Review your order

Below the billing details, you will see your order. Please check to make sure that everything is correct before moving on to the payment section.


Choose your payment method

Below the order details, you will find your payment options. You can choose to pay by credit/debit/bank card or by direct bank transfer.
The credit card option is via PayPal, but like we said don’t worry, you DO NOT need a PayPal account.


Proceed to PayPal

Yes, it might seem strange to do so, but you need to hit that ‘Proceed to PayPal’ button. We will then redirect you to a PayPal screen which will give you two options – to pay by PayPal or pay by credit or debit card.

Choose the credit card or debit card option.

Fill in your card details

PayPal will then ask you to add a credit or debit card to complete your purchase. This is the correct process, and it does not mean that you are opening or accessing a PayPal account. You are simply telling PayPal which card you want to use for the purchase.

Pay for your doll

Once you have filled out your card details all you have to do is complete the payment. PayPal will inform you that the payment is processing and to wait a few minutes. Once the payment is verified, you may be redirected back to our site, or PayPal will give you the option to return to our site by clicking a link.
This final step may differ slightly depending on your location but PayPal’s instructions are very straightforward, and all you need to do is follow their steps.

And don’t worry about anything showing up on your statement. Our official business name gives no indication as to the nature of your purchase.

No one will know that you bought a doll from our site.
Once we receive your payment, we will start the manufacturing and shipping process.
Don’t worry we will keep you informed every step of the way.

If you have any further questions or are unsure about any step in the process, get in touch using our contact form or send us a private message through our Facebook page.

And remember that we care about your privacy and will never share your contact details with anyone.


No worries, we don’t spam!