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New Sex Doll: Wendy

Bubbly realistic Sex Doll Wendy

Checkout our newest lifelike doll! 

Her name is Wendy, she is 4ft 7in (140cm) tall, she is young, blonde, and veryyyy sexy!
Visit the page of Wendy doll to see more pictures!

real sex doll wendy legs

2 thoughts on “New Sex Doll: Wendy

  1. Flunken

    Im actually a married man but i have 5 dolls hidden at my country house.
    I spend a whole day with them and have several hours of long sex sessions with them.
    Its like a fantasy come thro…
    [email protected]

  2. badass cat names E

    Everard has twelve lifelike dolls. He talks with them, dresses them, has sex with them and loves them as if they are real people. Is he happy with this way of living or does he actually long for a real woman? My Silicone Love shows his every day life in contrast with the fantasy world in which his dolls come alive.


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