Asian office Lady Silicone Doll

A Naughty Asian Secretary! 5ft 2in (158cm) tall, Silicone Skin

From $2,490

From $2,490

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    Japanese Panties which have been worn by real Japanese amateur women.

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Product Features

  • Realistic 3D Vagina & Asshole
  • Realistic skin 100% in premium silicone
  • Metal skeleton
  • Many heads available
  • Many wigs available (wigs can be change easily anytime)
  • Goodies included: Clothing + Sexy underwear + Used Japanese panties


Ever dreamt of having sex with that sexy Asian secretary? Well now you can with our highest grade exotic sex doll.

Imagine finishing your day and coming home to your dream secretary. She waits and longs for you as she sits so innocently. Feel her leg as you start to chat her up. Hold her petite figure in your arms and begin to anticipate taking her to the next room. You find yourself carrying her to your bedroom (or holding her over your shoulder). Deep down you know that she enjoys this…which (for you) is what makes this real doll sex-worthy.

Comes with that sexy office skirt you’ve fantasized about.


Ever found yourself attracted to an Asian office worker? Imagine enjoying one’s company right now? We present to you one of our best life like sex dolls. Act fast – this silicone love doll sits and waits for you.

Choose her looks today – Decide for yourself how you’d want her to look. Remember that Asian face you liked so much? Pick it from one of our selection of real doll appearances. Can’t settle on one? Feel free to grab as many as you desire.

Pick her favourite outfit – Fantasize about Asian sex dolls in schoolgirl uniforms or one in Kimonos? Find yourself in the mood for a flight attendant or an office worker? Select which outfit you’d want your robot sex doll to wear and it will be done. Enjoy yourself – the first one is on us!

She can satisfy even your most personal fantasies. All you need to do is give her a name. Pay attention to her exotic and innocent-looking Asian face. It will allow you to open up to her faster than you do now.

As you begin to have your way with her…you don’t know why but you just want to rip her office uniform and have her share into your lust. Release that urge any way you’d like. After all – you’ve been holding it back long enough. Penetrate her vaginally or anally for as long or as fast as you want. Have her go down on you or hear her moan to your strong thrusts. Grope her breasts unapologetic-ally as you fill her most intimate holes. Conquer her completely.

Decide how you’d want her to dress for you. Give her your most favorite hair style on one of the most life like sex dolls. Allow yourself to feel her warm body as you pleasure her vaginally. Get her to moan for you at will. Prefer to have her go down on you? Have her on her knees. Stroke her lifelike hair as you put it in her mouth. Yes – she thinks it’s thick too.

Please note that our dolls can't stand on their own.

Dimensions & Weight

  • Height: 5ft 2in (158cm)
  • Bust: 34.2in (87cm)
  • Waist: 24in (61cm)
  • Hips: 34in (86cm)
  • Shoulder width: 15in (38cm)
  • Arms: 26in (65cm)
  • Legs: 27.5in (70cm)
  • Feet: 7.9in (20cm)

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