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Life Size Sex Doll Candy

4ft 1in (125cm) tall doll with many customizations possible

From $1,690

From $1,690

  • Please note that the heads shown in below wig pictures are for illustration purposes only.
    The head of your doll might be different.

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This Asian life size love doll has a very young an beautiful look. Each feature (nose, cheeks, etc …) is very detailed: she looks like a real girl!. Her Asian features are subtle, so they will please both to guys who fancy Asian females and also others who are just looking for some exotism.

She as 3 sexual holes: oral, vaginal and anal. You can have sex in each of these holes. They all have been manufactured with a high quality 3d printer. The inside features and texture are exactly like real women.

Candy is a 4ft 1in (125cm) tall Life Size Sex Doll, and she weights 44lbs (20kg). If you are a fan of “petite” women Candy lovedoll is definitely going to please you a lot! With her small size, its very easy to dominate her and to show her your strength! Plus after you are done, it is easier to put her away.

Dimension & Weight

  • Height : 4ft 1in (125cm)
  • Weight : 44lbs (20kg)
  • Bust : 26.37in (67cm)
  • Waistline : 20.86in (53cm)
  • Hips : 28.74in (73cm)
  • Mouth : 4.7'in (12cm) deep
  • Material : Soft TPE
  • Oral sex
  • Vaginal sex
  • Anal sex
  • Wig can be changed at any time
  • Hair color customizable
  • Eye color customizable

Please note that our dolls can't stand by themselves.