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Everything you need to know about life like sex dolls

Looking for informations about life like sex dolls ? Don’t go away, In this article we will review all you need to know about those new kinds of realistic love dolls. What a life like sex doll really is, are they customizable, how much is it, where can you buy one, how to store it, how to use it, and how to keep it in good conditions.

What is a life like sex doll ?

A like like sex doll is basically a replica of a female (or male) body. It can be made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) or silicone. They have nothing to compare with blow-up or inflatable sex dolls. They are solid and are as realistic as a real woman (or man) and that has the same body proportion as a real person. It is a replica of a female body. And because a life like sex doll is a sex doll, these mannequins are capable of vaginal, anal and oral sex. They are fully articulated thanks to their metal skeleton. They can hold many different sexual positions.
They have the size and measurements of a real person. They can be fat, skinny, tall, small, with big boobs or flat chested (from A to F cup), caucasian, black or asian. You don’t like her hair ? No worries, you can easily change her wig. Eyes are also easily switchables. Indeed, a like like sex doll must be customizable.

Who buy life like sex dolls ?

90% of buyers are single men. Not all of these men are involuntary celibate (incels), some of them are just not looking for a relastionship with real women, but prefer to have sex with a doll. Maybe they don’t feel confident do have a sexual relationship with a real person or maybe they don’t have time to mingle and find the good partner.
The other 10% are usually couple that want to bring fantaisies in their sexual life. Indeed, if you are looking for a threesome, a life like sex doll will always be ready ! She will never say no !

How about customization ?

It is very important for a realistic life like sex doll to be customizable. You can choose its wig, the color of its eyes, if she comes with pubic hairs or not, the size of her breasts, the tone of her skin or the body size. Some life-like love dolls can also have their torso heated and moan during intercourse (moaning and heating options). They can stand by themselves if they have the “standing feet” option. For a lot of men, a naked body has less sex appeal than a body dressed with sexy outfits. That is why at MySiliconeLoveDoll we offer a lot of sexy outfits for free if you buy your life like sex doll here. The vagina can be built-in or removable (insert).

What are the most realistic, silicone or TPE real life sex dolls ?

They are both realistic material. Basically, silicone made life like sex dolls are a bit more realistic that the ones made of TPE, but are much cheaper. At MySiliconeLoveDoll, you can find a wide range of silicone sex dolls and of TPE sex dolls as well. Life like sex dolls skins can be tatooed and can have piercing. This is something you can’t do with a TPE lifelike love doll.

How much is a like like sex doll ?

Because life like sex dolls are quality products that are made to look like real women, they are kind of expensive. don’t expect to find a sex doll for less than $800. Prices for TPE sex dolls are between $800 and $2000 and silicone sex dolls are about $2500. You have to keep in mind that those prices include the shipping cost, as 90% of sex dolls are made in Asia. To know more about the price you will need to pay if you want to buy a life like sex doll, we recommend you to write this article about sex doll prices.

Daily care

To keep your life like sex doll in good shape, here is what you need to do :

Store the doll is a dry place.

Avoid excessive heat and humidity. If your place is too humide, if you live in Florida for example, you may consider buying a dehumidifier.

To avoid wearing out the underarm or on other parts of the skin, please keep arms and legs straight and parallel with the body when not in use.

Please Note: To prevent clothes from fading on the skin, don’t press clothes when making love to the doll.  Please be sure to undress the doll when not in use.

To clean your doll, just use a towel with warm water. Be careful to not let the water enter in the interior of the body via the joints between the neck and the head. To remove a stain, you can use our cleaning kit.

Where to buy a life like sex doll ?

You have two ways to buy your sex doll, in sex shops or online. Not all sex shops sell sex dolls, actually only a few of them (the bigest) sell that kind of adult dolls. As those products are customizable, sex shop can’t have all the the combo of bodies / heads / wigs so it is much more convenient to buy your life like sex doll on online store. Make sure that the price you see on product pages include the shipping fee and that the delivery is discreet. The best way to buy a sex doll in 2022 is to buy it online, on e-commerce websites.


That’s all folks ! We hope that you appreciate this article related to realistic life like sex dolls. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us via our contact form, we are here to help you !